Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lite "gamla" bilder

Jag satt och gick igenom en hel drös med bilder som vi inte hade tömt ur en av våra kameror på länge, en del från våra tripp ut till Kalifornien och San Francisco var ganska roliga.

Här är en från Caltrain påväg till eller från San Francisco en av dagarna vi åkte tåg upp:

Resten kommer från en tripp vi gjorde ut till Golden Gate. Det är alltid mycket turister där, men jag tycker ändå om att ta en sväng förbi när vi är där.

Här poserar Brandy i "Titta vad jag fångade-stil!":

Och dom här två var jag tvungen att också ta med:

Follow up to Ear infection

So Henrik was taking amoxicillin for his ear infection and 6 days in, he developed a rash. It was just a few spots at first, but the next morning he was covered! It totally freaked us out. I this it's the first freak out we have had. He is back to normal now. Here are a few pictures.

first day w/ a few bumps

second day covered in bumps

third day he was just sorta blotchy all over.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I totally love watching him eat!

So one of my favourite things is watching Henrik try new foods. It is just so cool to see him pick up something and feeling it then placing it in his mouth and tasting the new flavour and texture.
This week we tried shredded chicken in a slightly spicy sauce. Of course I didn't think to take pictures. I was too busy watching :) Here are some actions shots :)

meatballs, broccoli and cheesey mashed potatoes!

I drink from a straw cup all by myself!

Sometimes Mommy doesn't feed me fast enough so I do it myself!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long time no blog!

So I started off so well and then I turned in to a total slacker! We have a first ear infection. I'm bummed we didn't make it to a year, but I'm sure we went a lot longer than most before getting ill. You wouldn't know he was sick. He's laughing and playing all the time and he totally loves medicine. Here are some pictures of my 'sicko'.