Monday, August 31, 2009

Busy Monday!

What a day, I am drained! It started with Henrik and Jack playing at the museum today. It's Jack's last visit for a while, he's starting MDO next week. We are bummed but happy for him because we know he'll have a blast!

Jack going to MDO has put this Mama's bottom in gear to look for one for Henrik!

Henrik met up with Audrey at the museum too. They decided to walk together on the way back to the cars. Not only did they walk, but they held hands! It was too cute. We had a Mommy toddler chain going.

We decided to meet up at the sprinkler park after nap time and had a blast all afternoon.

We're going to see some friends out in Blanco tomorrow for lunch and fun. Henrik gets to play with Rhett, while I get to play with a set of twins that are nearly one month old. Can't wait!

Wednesday is full with a morning playgroup, then lunch and afternoon play date.

I'm not planning anything else for the rest of the week!

Jack and Henrik cold chillin'

Henrik and Audrey plotting.

Totally busted! Waiting for their parents to pick them up ;)

Cooling off in the afternoon!


Making a break for it!

Walking home from the park on Saturday with Pappa.

Pantless reading!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Butler Sprinkler Park

We met up with some friends yesterday for more sprinkler park fun. I love sprinkler parks. I don't know what we'd have done all summer without them!

This was a new one for us. I put in the name of the park into my phone and it sent me to the baseball fields! Should have been more specific :) There were giant mud puddles, but I wasn't quite that adventurous.

We got there pretty early 9:30ish. I know you are thinking, 9:30? to get soaking wet? Yeah, if you don't go out that early it's hotter than Hades down here. It was already almost 90 that early. We are 2 days off of the all time record of 69 days over 100 degrees here. Yes you read the correct. We have had 67 days over 100 degrees and summer isn't over here yet. (yuck)

So you can see why Henrik and I love to be in the water all the time. We might hit a new fun pool this weekend and next week we are planning a trip to another (new to us) sprinkler park.

Olof got back to Austin last night. We are so glad he's home! I love how Henrik's face lights up with he sees his papa. Olof is back out to California next week. He didn't like his hotel that much so we will skip the next trip, but hope to start flying with him again soon.

Traveling with Olof presents a few negatives which include boarding Nellie (but really, she loves) and planning activities for Henrik. Usually the price of what we sign up for isn't exorbitant and thus it is ok to miss a class here or there, but some of the ones I've been looking at this fall are much more than the others we've signed up for in the past. So I'll have to figure what we want to do.
Without further adieu my water loving little boy!

Playing nice with a new friend.

What more can I say...

I am Henrik! Hear me ROAR!

Nothing to see but us grass eaters!


I forgot to check if it was ok to put pics of our friends up. So I didn't :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st day of school and a trip to the car wash.

This is the week everyone is back in school here in Texas.

So in honor of back to school shopping (and tax free weekend) we picked up some new shirts and shoes for Henrik. He is pretty cool about shoe shopping so far and he impressed the sales girl by letting us put on and take off shoes.

As for the car wash, most of the visit was great. He met two 20 something chicks the adored him. They reminded me of my best friend in high school and myself. One was a bit more in fashion and the other a little more granola. Want to guess who was who?

We were watching cars and playing a bit when an older guy came in. He put his hat and stuff down on a side table there, then he crouched down and told Henrik, "come here" with big wide arms. So yeah, Henrik went running.

I was mortified. Seriously? Who does that?

He scooped up Henrik and twirled him around and was laughing and giggling with him.

I looked at the girls and made a face that said, "I don't know what to do".

They came up and one held her hands out and said it was her turn. Henrik went to her and then realized something was funny and held his arms out to me.

It turns out the guy has grand kids, one 8 years old and one born in March. I tried to make a little small talk, but had enough and we went outside.

I've never been so freaked out. It would have been completely different if he had asked first. So, that was my first scary mommy moment. *shudder* let's hope that doesn't happen again.

If he went to school, this would be his first day outfit. Stripey shirt that brings out his eyes and snazzy shoes!

He loves to walk around the house!

After so much walking, he needs to relax with Baby U2.

Where are the cars going?
He liked watching the workers twirl the towels when they were done with the cars.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not so lazy Sunday

Yesterday we guys decided that mom needed a good sleep-in for once. So when Henrik woke up at the crisp and early hour of 6.30am, we hung around the house for a little bit waiting for it to get light. We had breakfast and played a bit.

A little before 8am we loaded up the bike trailer with Henrik, diaper bag, water bottles and camera.

We went out on the trail, seeing if we'd make it to the end this time. Last weekend we turned around before it ended, partly because I'm way out of shape, but also because we went later in the day and it was getting too warm for Henrik.

This time we made it all the way to 183. Turns out we were almost there when we turned around last week.

Here is a link to the approximate route we took.

It didn't take long for Henrik to fall asleep in the trailer. I was planning on taking a break when we turned around, but since he was passed out I decided to keep going. About halfway home he woke up and made it in no uncertain terms known that he was ready to get out and stretch his legs for a while.

So we stopped, he ate half a banana that was left from breakfast, and walked around a little. He stumbled and scratched up his chin, but it seems to be healing nicely.

After that it was just a short ride home and by the time we got there, Brandy was up. After a few minutes of winding down, we packed up the car and went to the Pflugerville pool, all three of us. It was a BLAST. Henrik absolutely loves the waterslide they have there. It's straight and wide and it's easy to hold him in your lap. He giggled every single time we reached the water, and it was just so much fun. (Sorry, we didn't bring a camera).

After that, we had lunch out together (Henrik barely woke up for it), then home. Henrik slept for a good 3 hours while Brandy went to the movies with a friend, and I did a few small projects around the house.

The day was finished with me mowing the yard, us having dinner and then a little TV followed by packing for this week. Yes, I am out in California again...

A few more pictures from the bike ride below.

"Put the camera away so we can go, dad!"

"Dude, we're still just sitting here, what's going on?"

Stretching our legs a bit.

Hanging out at home while mom's at the movies.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sprinkler park (again)

Saturday night we went to dinner with Andy to Mandola's. Henrik loooves Gnocci with pesto sauce (so do mom and dad).

Afterwards we went over to the sprinkler park that is in that neighborhood. We were hoping Henrik would run around since he just started walking on his own, but he mostly sat and crawled. He had fun anyway, as seen in the pictures below. :-)

Color/light might be a little off, we had to temporarily pack up the iMac since we've sold the desk it was on. :-)

Just hangin' out

Where are you going, Henrik? Watch out for the water!

Close call!

Walking around a bit too

Sprinkler? More like rain!

Sprinklers make you sleeeeeepy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy day!

After all that walking and the concert this morning, Henrik took a mega nap. He woke up around 2 this afternoon. I brought him downstairs and put him down. He promptly stood up and took a lap around the living room. This included chasing poor Nellie. She looked up at me with her big puppy dog eyes. Her eyes said, "OMG what is he doing??? Stop him!" sorry Nellie, I think he's going to be walking from here out!

We met up with Monica and Anabel for some sprinkler action and a little snack picnic afterward. I tried to catch the kiddos chatting with each other, but of course every time I pressed the button, they stopped.

Most of the still pictures from this morning look really weird. Like seriously weird. We hope the pictures taken by everyone else come out! I'm having trouble with point and shoot camera so maybe it's time for a new one of those :)

Here are a few from the sprinkle park and picnic.

He loves this one. Stands on his tippy toes to reach the high bits!

Cute Anabel!

Toddlers on a picnic! How cute is that?!?

Such a big day, he chilled in his new chair.
I think it's awesome he knows how to lounge already!

It's about time!

Today we went to a concert. Henrik the party animal he is started walking today. Like more seriously walking, not just between us. He took off across the room. He danced with a cute girl and her brother and he bumped into countless others.

He loved the singing, but oddly enough there wasn't much of that. The guy kept talking. It was good for the bigger kids, but the little ones didn't understand the chat.

Anyway... Here you go. Turn off your sound though.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The week thus far!

I'm already behind on blogging again!

So far this week has included a trip the the Austin Children's Museum, swimming at Cassie's neighborhood pool and invading an infant get together.

I had no idea my sweet little boy was so crazy! He was all over the place, but none of the Mama's were complaining and he only sat on one baby's hand so all in all it was a good day!

Today we were going to meet up at the baby wearing group, but Henrik had to see the pediatrician for some tummy trouble so we missed that and Kenzie's house.

Tomorrow we are meeting up for a concert. Hope Henrik will like it. He's pretty into music so I have high hopes!

Friday we are going back to YOGA in the morning and hope to head to Kristen and Emma's pool in the afternoon (note to self, check if that is still on).

Here are a few pictures from The wee so far.

Giant Lite-Brite at the Children's Museum

Henrik, Emma, Kenzie and Alex at the pool.
Seriously how is Henrik dwarfing everyone else?
Lessons in perspective!

Yo Yo Yo! Henrik & Jack in da haus!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Henrik's first tricycle

We went to Kaleidoscope Toys here in Round Rock on Sunday. It's a nice little local toy store that we try to give our business, the world needs more small stores instead of Wal*Marts and Toys-R-Uses.

Anyway, I digress. We had found out that they had a sale on clearance items, and we were hoping tricycles would be part of it. We lucked out! So Henrik got his first tricycle today. We assembled it during his nap, and even though it was baking hot out we had to take it for a test spin. He's of course too small to pedal on his own, but it comes with a push bar that's handy. He loved it!

Scouting out the park.. What to do, what to do?

Looking serious

Yes, it was a very hot day. Cooling off at the pavilion before going home

But it sure was lots of fun!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mommy's little helper!

*sorry for funky format i was lazy uploading pictures!*

Henrik has become pretty clingy late in the day and sometimes I can't put him down. I don't mind holding/wearing him, but I can't exactly cook with him in my arms or strapped to me.

Enter The Learning Tower!

I have high expectations for it and so far looks good. While I was at a doctor appointment today, Olof sent me this video. I think he likes it!

And here are a few shots from dinner time! (excuse the post swimming pool hair)

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm so evil

He loves it, and he didn't get sick, so I guess it's not too bad. :-)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday w/ Henrik

I am too tired to write anything coherent.
Enjoy some pictures.

Lunch: Salmon and couscous salad with feta and balsamic

Behold, the wrath of Henrik

There is still stuff in here!

Yeah, definitely bath time tonight

I found the s'getti!