Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy day!

After all that walking and the concert this morning, Henrik took a mega nap. He woke up around 2 this afternoon. I brought him downstairs and put him down. He promptly stood up and took a lap around the living room. This included chasing poor Nellie. She looked up at me with her big puppy dog eyes. Her eyes said, "OMG what is he doing??? Stop him!" sorry Nellie, I think he's going to be walking from here out!

We met up with Monica and Anabel for some sprinkler action and a little snack picnic afterward. I tried to catch the kiddos chatting with each other, but of course every time I pressed the button, they stopped.

Most of the still pictures from this morning look really weird. Like seriously weird. We hope the pictures taken by everyone else come out! I'm having trouble with point and shoot camera so maybe it's time for a new one of those :)

Here are a few from the sprinkle park and picnic.

He loves this one. Stands on his tippy toes to reach the high bits!

Cute Anabel!

Toddlers on a picnic! How cute is that?!?

Such a big day, he chilled in his new chair.
I think it's awesome he knows how to lounge already!


  1. What? You want more new stuff?? :)

    Sounds like an awesome day!!

  2. Don't want more new stuff! Just was venting :)

  3. I love his new chair!! What an exciting day...I would be wiped out too!

  4. Go Henrik with your bad self. ;) I love that chair. We gotta get one of those for Mya but I'm not sure she would sit in it for more than 10 seconds. lol

  5. Brandy, He's totaly starting to sit in it more and more! It's a jungle gym for sure, but it's so cute he climbs into it and sits with a blanket or book for a few minutes. I need to get it monogrammed one of these days!

  6. love that last picture! annie loves her chair too.