Saturday, November 27, 2010


Let's see if we can start up some of the blogging again. We've been bad at it ever since most of our families starting connecting with us on facebook instead, since it seemed like a quicker way to share some of the everyday stuff.

Anyway, we've all made it to California now. The house has been sold, the movers have picked up all our stuff and most of it is in storage, and we're now in a surprisingly large 2-bedroom apartment for 2 months while we start searching for a house to buy. Sniffle.

Being in an apartment again is a lot of adjustment. While it's pretty roomy, there's definitely less space to get away from the rest of the family for a bit (for all of us), so there's less downtime and more friction. Also, while the everyday stuff works quite well, Henrik hasn't been having a great time. From sleep adjustment (waking up at 5.30 is starting to get old :) to more frequent tantrums, he's also quicker on his mood swings and doesn't listen to us the way he used to. It's all part of adjusting to a new place, etc, we know that. But it's still taking a toll on all of us.

Unfortunately most of the week has been rainy, so we haven't had a good chance to get out and do much as a family yet. We did dare the crowds a little bit yesterday to pick up a new winter jacket for Henrik (see the post below? Yeah, it's still missing, and he needs one). We also got a car GPS (TomTom) for Brandy, since she'll probably spend most of her time being lost otherwise. :-) We hope to go explore more soon. First real touring of houses with our Realtor is tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

have you seen this coat?

I can't seen to find his jacket and am wondering if I lent it out to someone. So, if I did and you have it, could you email me :)

Thanks :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Uhm, long time no post! Wonder if anyone still has us on their readers? :)

I'll do an update tonight or tomorrow. As I was loading up pictures from last nights, we looked back over Henrik's 3 Halloweens and just had to share the cuteness with the world!

Henrik the monster and his buddy Rhett the Monkey! (7months)

Henrik the penguin (19months)

BamBam and Pebbles (Audrey) (2y 7m and 2y 10m)

I made the costumes!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween!