Monday, October 31, 2011


This year Henrik decided what he wanted to be. A Robot. Awesome!

I'm a killjoy so Olof's suggestion of making a Bender costume was vetoed. Instead, I had plans of an elaborate light up costume with movable parts! But uhm, he's 3 and that would weigh poor little guy down. So plan b, a kick butt glowing at night, but daytime super cute!

Here are a few shots of the fitting and then the painting.

We went to the Goblin Walk downtown in San Carlos and had a blast!

He met the cast of The Wizard Of Oz!

Almost there...

Today, there was a party at school complete with a parade and cupcakes!

He was licking the frosting off the box!


And glowing Henrik!!

So there you have it, our first Halloween in Belmont. I hope to become a regular blogger again :) Hope there are still a few readers out there!