Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Henrik!

Happy 3rd Birthday Henrik!

Must set camera to speed of light. Henrik is fast!

We had a small play date with some new and old friends on Saturday (his birthday). Henrik opened presents as people arrived, which totally cracked me up!

He is enjoying everything, but oh boy oh boy, the bubble mower was the hit. I think he spent 30 solid minutes running back and forth with that bad boy! There was of course much coveting of the mower and unfortunately, it (the mower) needed a nap.

We went out to dinner and Henrik had a BLAST! They sang for him and he got a giant sombrero and a green and purple dinosaur balloon!

Then, when we got home, he put on pjs and then tucked in the mower with a blanket, hug and kiss!

Party Cupcake! He blew out all candles with one puff!

Nom Nom Nom!

Mmm Satisfaction!

Griffin makes cupcake face!

Adrian likes the cake part of the cupcake!

Katie's cupcake face!

Thanks for joining us on our play date with cupcakes! We were so glad to spend the afternoon with you guys!

Stats for Henrik:
Height- 38"
Weight- 36.4#

He's more than half as tall as me!