Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello, My name is Brandy and I'm a bad bad blogger.

So yeah, It's been a while. Sorry guys. I hope to get more on the ball and have posts more often!
I also promise to not just read your blogs in my reader, but click on them so I can leave the comment I'm thinking the day I read them, not like 3 days later... :)

So Monday, Henrik and I invited our friends Christine, Audrey and the adorable Finn to the park for some fun and photographs. :)

Well of course being toddlers, they went in opposite directions at any given chance. We thought we should take them over to the porch and have snack time. Can you say Big Mistake?

Meltdown ensued over a bag of Craisins. Poor kids... It all turned out well in the end though, as always.

Happy-Go-Lucky to...

End of the world in 2 seconds.

We will try sharing the bag.

Ok Henrik you took too many. I want them back.



Really Mamma, I love them!

If you don't share, I'm telling my Mamma! See I'm pointing at her.


I just happened to have a coordinating hat ;)

I think Finn might have the best cheeks ever!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Open Gym day!

We signed up for a gym pass back in September and well, we never went back. That is until today :)

We had such a blast! Henrik ran and bounced so much he was a total sweat ball afterward! I took our point and shoot camera and lets just say the results were less than stellar. Since you are supposed to be w/in an arms reach of the kiddos, I was leery of bringing my camera. I think I might bring it next time though :)

We met up with Kenzie and Anabel there and all three had a lot of fun. There were some together times but I think most of the time the kids ran in opposite directions.

I think we'll have to make it a regular thing, one Friday we'll go to Yoga and the other we'll go to the gym. :)

Chicken dance warm-up!

Pre play cuddle :)

Rocking Kenzie in the boat.

Foam cube pit!

Waiting for their stamps!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The manly stroller has arrived!

And what do you put in it? A Winnie the pooh bear of course!

Henrik has been absolutely obsessed with stroller the girls next door have. We searched high and low locally for one that isn't so... girly, but we come up short.

We finally decided to order one online. We found a nice dark blue and green plaid that is totally manly! While I love it, I have to ask what is up with the lack of non pink/purple strollers? I know Henrik isn't the only boy that loves to push a stroller.

So instead of being able to just pick up an el cheapo stroller we did have to spend 20+ dollars for one. A little bit unfair, but hey, he loves it. Just saying there is a double standard :p

Anyway, enjoy H and his new stroller!

The stroller from next door.

New Stroller!

Pushing his camera around and still wondering what's going on across the street.

Pooh Bear!

More bear and yes our Christmas cards are still up.

Cedar is high today, so we're stuck inside! He loves these blocks!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Audrey!

We've been bad at updating the blog lately. Oops.

On Sunday we all went to Audrey's birthday party. She turned 2. Her newborn little brother Finn got baptized that day too, so it was a combined party of the two events.

Henrik wasn't having that great a day. He woke up early and didn't nap very well, so he was in a cranky mood at the party, always trying to get into some sort of trouble and getting upset when we tried to redirect.

So, we didn't stay all that long. :( Here are a few snapshots from the party.

Her cake!

Birthday girl. :)

Henrik was checking out her bike. Can't wait to get him one and teach him how to ride in a few years!

Yeah, we had a lot of this that day...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Henrik's new camera!

For Christmas, we bought Henrik his own kid friendly digital camera. Henrik's friend Jack has one and he loves to play with it at his house, so we thought we'd get him one.

It's pretty nifty, has a two eye view finder so he can see through it easily and even takes video!
Of course we promptly misplaced the cables. Maybe I should say Henrik put the cables away. ;)

We found them and uploaded his pictures (and added a memory card so we don't have to 'find' the cables again.

So with out further ado, enjoy the vision that is Henrik! (some adult help may have been had on the steady shots)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Furniture and porridge

That's right! This morning Henrik and Farfar assembled the little chair and table set that we got at IKEA. It was so much fun, and we can't weed out just a couple of pictures so there's a little slideshow below.

We also had porridge (risgrynsgröt) for lunch. Henrik liked it, and took a few drinks out of his bowl, as you can see. :-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

We've started out the new year in a quite moderate pace here. So far it's been two pretty slow days.

It was a cold night here last night, frost on the deck and the cars when we got up this morning. But we bundled up and went out on a walk (all 6 of us).

Henrik was playing a little in the drive way waiting for us to get ready. He LOVES the little pull-along toy his Farmor got him at IKEA.

A little pit stop during the walk to adjust blankets :-)

Overall we had a great walk. When we got near the house Henrik got to walk a little.

Brandy wanted to take some pictures too, and I walked up to adjust his hat. Little did I know what I walked into. He was having NONE of that!

The only person who could make it better this time was good old Mommy.

Beware! With awesome hats comes awesome hat hair!