Friday, January 22, 2010

Open Gym day!

We signed up for a gym pass back in September and well, we never went back. That is until today :)

We had such a blast! Henrik ran and bounced so much he was a total sweat ball afterward! I took our point and shoot camera and lets just say the results were less than stellar. Since you are supposed to be w/in an arms reach of the kiddos, I was leery of bringing my camera. I think I might bring it next time though :)

We met up with Kenzie and Anabel there and all three had a lot of fun. There were some together times but I think most of the time the kids ran in opposite directions.

I think we'll have to make it a regular thing, one Friday we'll go to Yoga and the other we'll go to the gym. :)

Chicken dance warm-up!

Pre play cuddle :)

Rocking Kenzie in the boat.

Foam cube pit!

Waiting for their stamps!