Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Curious George and Water works.

Today Mama and I met up with her friend Mitra and went to lunch then the San Jose Children's Museum. I ate a chicken taco and some beans for lunch, and I totally impressed Mitra with my fork skills!

The museum had an exhibit with Curious George! Mama clicked a few pictures of the monkey and I. There were so many neat areas to play in, I never knew museums were fun! I think we will have to check out the Austin ones when we get home.

One section had steps just my size, and I could walk up them! I walked down the bumpy ramp side too. They even had railings my height! How cool is that?

There was a section where you can make your own pizza (play food). I tried to eat the broccoli and was seriously surprised that it was fake. They shouldn't do that to kids!
In the same area there was an old fashioned farm truck that I could get in and drive. I took to it like a duck to water! I even tried to beep the horn, but it didn't work.

We finished off in the water display. I sure did get wet! There were aprons, but I think the kids wearing those got even more wet than I did. Mama just brought me a change of clothes. I am a kid and I'm supposed to get dirty right? I was so wet, the camera had to be put away!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun in the sun!

Today we bought new shoes then went back to the hotel for a nice nap. After the nap we went down to the pool and enjoyed splashing and kicking and then lounged for a while.
After dinner, we found a nice park to play in.
Not sure what is on the agenda for tomorrow, but I'm sure we'll have fun.

Hope you all are having a nice week so far!

After our dip.

Gotta love post-swim-sunblock hair.

Not sure where he learned to pout, but he sure is practicing.

Here is your change sir.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Santa Cruz

Olof took most of the day off so we went down to Santa Cruz for a little vacationing! We looked around the boardwalk, went on the pier and had lunch. Then we drove Highway 1 home. It was overcast until lunchtime, but it was still alot of fun!

Olof jobbade inte hela dagen idag, så vi åkte ner till Santa Cruz och turistade lite. Vi gick runt på strandpromenaden och piren, hade lunch och sedan körde vi Highway 1 hem. Det var mulet fram till lunch men vi hade ändå en bra dag!

Some pictures / Lite bilder:

Livin' it up like a rockstar

Henrik sure knows how to live the hotel life! Within an hour he had found the toilet paper rolls, and they were JUST the right size to pull up on and... yes, you guessed it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Airplane and drums!

One of the perks of a traveling hubby is that occasionally we land in first class, today was one of those days. Here we are getting ready to board. I love my becco carrier. No stroller in the airport for us!

For breakfast we had a choice of omelette or pancakes. The omelette rocked! There was a fresh biscuit and fruit. Henrik was asleep, but once he woke up they brought him a bowl of fruit.

The flight attendants enjoyed playing with Henrik. He did all of his tricks including the I'm 1 point, clapping and high-5.

I did realize today, that the easy going, curl up together and go to sleep and wake up when you land days are over. He was curious about everything, the windows, the air blower the seat belt EVERYTHING! I'm getting ever so slightly worried about Sweden trip... :)

We met Olof in the airport, San Jose is pretty neat, you walk past ticketing to get to the baggage so you can nearly meet at the gate!

We had lunch at Olof's work and Henrik found the drum kit to rock band wii! He picked up the sticks and went to town.

Sorry for the picture quality, planes don't have the bet of lighting and Henrik was so not sitting still on the drums. Anyway we will try to keep in touch :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

It is 3:30 am, do you know where your kid's diaper is?

Well my kid's diaper was bunched up in the corner of his crib, with his pj bottoms next to them. There was poo all over the place.

Wonderful, not only can he take his diaper off, but the relative safety of his pj bottoms (bottoms in general) is no more.

So bubble bath at 3:30 am is a fun time, no really.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting ready for our California trip!

Henrik and I will be off to California on Saturday morning and I found some pictures on my phone from our last visit. I thought I'd share those with you all :)

My first Mickey Pancake!

Mmm Mall Trees are good!

This isn't from California, but it's cute so I included it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This pretty much speaks for itself.

Videon får tala för sig själv.

Here is the link to youtube if you prefer.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Only one year ago

Just a year ago we took these. It's been a short year.

För bara ett år sedan tog vi dom här. Oj vad snabbt tiden har gått.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lazy Sunday

(Let's do swedish first for once :-)

Vi hade en ganska slapp och mysig dag idag. Vi började den med att steka plättar till frukost: Blåbär, några med choklad och kokos/banan. Vi gjorde en rejäl omgång eftersom dom går att frysa det som blir över. Henrik tyckte också om dom, som nästan all annan mat vi provat.

Någonting som hände idag var att när vi lade Henrik för förmiddagstuppluren, så visade det sig att han nu har lärt sig hur han skall ställa sig upp i sängen sin. Tyvärr så kan han inte ta sig ner i sittande eller liggande ställning igen, men hittills är det inget problem och han lär sig nog det inom några dagar.

Dom senaste dagarna har han blivit märkbart bättre på att gå med hjälp, och med någonting att hålla i så kan han ta sig ganska långa sträckor. Dom första riktiga stegen är nog inte långt borta nu!

Gräset växer så det knakar, så Olof klippte fram- och baksidan medan Henrik och Brandy lekte ute. Efter det hade vi middag ute med några kompisar, och sedan var det bad- och sängdags. Med andra ord en lyckad lugn söndag hemma.

We had a nice and slow day today. It started off with pancakes, we made Blueberry, Chocolate chip and banana coconut pancakes. A big batch so it will last us a while in the freezer. It was delicious and a good way to start the day!

Fork in right hand...

Fork in left hand!

After breakfast we tried to put Henrik down for a nap. Olof called for me to come up shortly after. I was directed to go into his room, where Henrik was standing up in his crib -- first time completely on his own! Very cool, but he doesn't know how to get back down yet. We laid him down again and up he went. He did finally pass out after a while.

By lunchtime I was still in PJ's, I sent Henrik with Olof to Home Depot and took a nice long shower. I highly recommend sending the little one out with your other half every now and again. Everybody needs a little alone time now and then!

While Olof did some yard work, Henrik and I played out front. Henrik walked with his toy across the sidewalk in front of the house. Then we played out back while Olof did the back yard.

Just cruising along...

Still going...

Nothing beats a cuddle from daddy!

We finished up the day out for dinner and then home for a bubble bath.

All in all we had a great day, and I'm surprised that I still don't mind the squeeker shoes. I seriously thought I'd be over them by now, but Henrik looks so happy when he takes a step and the shoes squeak. So the squeaker will stay in for a while longer.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday party!

Today my friend Alex had his first birthday party, and we had a lot of fun there. He had a cool cake that was made of cupcakes under the frosting. Yum!

I had fun playing with Alex, Mya and Emma and the other kids. Unfortunately we missed Annie and Kenzie, but we'll catch them at the next event.

Here's a few pictures, first of course the birthday boy:

Here comes the CAAAAAKE!

Emma was there too, cute as always.

... unfortunately it seems like Mya escaped our camera this time, but she was there and was having a fun time like the rest!

Finally, a bonus Henrik picture.

Bad experiment with ads

So I figured I would try to add a few ads to the blog just because it was easy to do and didn't take up much space and hey, it might even bring in as much as several cents a year! Ha.

Well, after giving it a few days to decide what kind of ads it wanted to show, I've deleted them. Do we really need sponsored links to dating sites on our blog? Consider this a failed experiment.

Bara för skojs skull, och för att det är enkelt att göra så provade jag lägga in så att Google visade annonser på bloggen. Inte för att det skulle dra in några pengar men mest bara för att experimentera lite.

Efter ett par dagars väntan på att annonserna skulle stabilisera sig så åker dom bort. Visserligen tar dom inte mycket plats, men jag ser ingen anledning till att vi skall tillhandahålla länkar till dejtingsiter här, för det var bland annat vad dom bestämde sig för att visa.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedding weekend!

Some of my good friends got married this weekend, and since Mom was in the wedding party, they got me all dressed up too. They are promising more photos later on but here's two sneak peeks of me from that day. :-)

Ett par av mina vänner gifte sig i helgen, och eftersom mamma var med i ceremonin så såg dom till att jag fick klä upp mig med! Tydligen är det fler bilder på gång med tiden men här är två smakprov sålänge!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update, swimming, and the park

We went to see the pedi office on Tuesday and found out the fever is from an ear infection. That was a bit of a relief because we can easily treat and ear infection. We were told we could resume out activities which meant Wednesday we went back to swim lessons.

We had a blast at the pool! Henrik has moved on to blowing bubbles in the water. It is super cute! All of the Mama's were taking turns letting their little ones slide off the edge of the water slide into the water. All of the kiddos seemed to love it, even the ones that usually do not like going under.

Henrik's attention was captured by the sprouting water jets, the water fall mushroom and the dumping buckets over at the other end of the family pool. After lessons were over, a few of us headed over with our kiddos to let them play in the 'fun area'. We walked under the mushroom and let the buckets dump on us while the kids squealed with delight. You have to love heated pools! We put the kids down to play on the water sprouts. Henrik took off back in to the pool. He crawled under the waterfall and was heading back into deeper water. I walked ahead of him and let him go where he pleased. It was so cute! I can't wait for Olof to be back in town and to come to lessons with us.

After a nap we went out to run a few errands and we stopped at the park to have a snack. He's getting to be such a big boy. Now if only he'd start walking. :)

Mmmm Berries!

Sipping my water on a warm day.


Monday, May 4, 2009

A bit of drama and a few pictures

Saturday night was our first ER trip with Henrik.

He woke up around 10pm, coughing and throwing up some of his dinner. What was more troubling was that he was having a bit of a hard time breathing. I noticed how his skin was red and decided to take his temp, it was 102.4F. The temperature itself was not enough to send me to the ER but it had by then been half an hour and he still wasn't breathing as usual. We packed up and headed in, luckily the hospital is less than 5 minutes from our house.

When I got there a friend of mine was working triage, and you have no idea how nice it is to see a friendly and familiar face when you are stressing out. We were there a total of about 2 hours and left with just the conclusion that he had a cold. Yep, a just a simple cold. His troubled breathing was likely caused by being congested and having thrown up. While I felt silly for going in and there being nothing wrong with him, it's definitely better to have a false alarm than a real one.

Sunday we just chilled out around the house. He woke up with a fever (103F) and I just continued him on the Motrin and Tylenol. He was very snuggly all day which I certainly didn't mind. Today we skipped our swim lessons and the library just to give him more time to recover and to avoid spreading any remaining germs. We did leave the house a bit though, I dropped off some cookies I had made for a friends wedding. Once we were back home we took a good nap (yes, for once I napped too).

When we got up we decided to go outside and play with our new (to us) slide and play house! I am excited to spruce them up with some new paint soon, we are happy to be reusing them since it is a lot of plastic that would otherwise just sit in a landfill when they are still in good shape! Doing our part for the environment one hand me down toy at a time! :-)

I snapped a few shots of Henrik and Nellie playing, and Henrik on the new slide. You will notice a lovely smudge on most of the photos (actually on all of them but some are harder to notice). Yep, you guessed it -- Henrik likes the camera enough to eat it, so I need to clean it up. I'm really bummed because some of the shots were pretty good with the exception of the smudge being on his eye! Oh well, they're still fun to look at.

We're hoping to come out of hiding tomorrow. So send us some no more fever thoughts!

I lördags gjorde vi vår första vända till akuten med Henrik.

Det började runt 10 på kvällen, då han vaknade med hosta och spydde upp lite av middagen han åt tidigare på kvällen. Men vad som var värre var att han verkade ha problem att andas ordentligt. Han var lite röd och när jag tog tempen hade han 39.1C. Inte tillräckligt med feber för att bli orolig men vid det laget hade det gått en halvtimme och han andades fortfarande inte ordenligt. Vi packade och åkte in, som tur är ligger sjukhuset bara 5 minuter hemifrån.

När vi kom dit möttes jag av en kompis som jobbar som sköterska där. Det var verkligen skönt att ha ett känt ansikte och någon att prata med när man är orolig. Vi var där ungefär två timmar och åkte hem med diagnosen att han hade en vanlig förkylning. Jepp, du läste det rätt! Tydligen var andningsproblemen orskade av att han var slemmig och uppsvullen tillsammans med irritationen från då han spydde. Naturligtvis kändes det dumt att man åkt in för en förkylning, men å andra sidan var det skönt att det inte var någonting allvarligt.

Söndagen tillbringade vi runt huset. Han vaknade med feber (39.4C) och vi fortsatte ge honom febersänkande. Han var väldigt gosig hela dagen, någonting jag absolute inte hade något emot. Idag hoppade vi över badpasset och bibliotekstimmen för att ge honom en dag till att hämta igen sig och undvika sprida sjukan ifall han fortfarande är smittsam. Vi lämnade i alla fall huset ett tag, vi levererade ett lass hembakta kakor över till en kompis som gifter sig till helgen. När vi väl var hemma igen tog vi en tupplur.

Senare på dagen gick vi ut på baksidan och lekte med våra nya (begagnade) uteleksaker. Vi har planer på att fräscha upp dom och måla om dom, men vi har definitivt ingenting emot att återvinna leksaker :-)

Jag tog lite bilder, tyvärr har en del (alla, faktiskt) en smutsfläck mitt i bilden. Henrik tycker om kameran så mycket att han smakade på den, så vi behöver putsa upp linsen. Det är lite trist, ett par bilder var riktigt bra om det inte vore för fläcken. Men de är kul att titta på i alla fall.

Imorgon skall vi ta oss ur huset lite mer på allvar, i alla fall om febern har gett med sig!

Here ya go Nellie!

Do I use my head or foot for this?

Just had to share this.

You want me to do what?

I think I'll just gnaw on it!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mya's 1st birthday!

Today we went to our first Cinco de Mya party! The weather was nice and we spent most of the time outside playing in the pool and with the water table. We had our first vegan cupcake and it was very good! I spent most of the day just playing with Henrik and didn't get around to taking many pictures. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for such a great day Mya & Brandy.

I can work a speedo no problem!

Henrik and Emma at the water table.

Mmmm dolls are chewie.
I see you!
Who loves ya babe?

What do you mean I can't have any more cupcake?