Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ear muffs and WB targets

I ordered Brandy a white balance target that arrived this week, and of course we had to try it out today.

Henrik is apparently all about using appropriate safety precautions. He didn't want to take the ear muffs off after we put them on for fun while playing a little while earlier. :-)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Delaware trip

We took a trip to Delaware to see Brandy's family last weekend (Friday-Monday). The travel went pretty well, and it was fun to see everyone again.

Last time we flew with Henrik (JetBlue to SFO), we decided that even though he's technically below 24 months and isn't required to have his own seat, we can't really have him in our laps on a 3-hour plane ride any more. He's just got too much energy for it, and it makes all of us grumpy and miserable.

So he got his own seat. We also borrowed a GoGo Kidz roller from a friend, so we could wheel him around in his car seat:

He also sat in the seat on the plane, and that went much better. Only drawback was that he could reach and kick the seat in front, and was very strongwilled about actually pressing against it. We just had to do our best to keep him entertained.

AA had inflight wireless for free, so on the trip back I got the idea to bring up youtube and watch some sesame street clips and other fun stuff with him. Next time we'll make sure to have some entertainment for him on our phones.

Friday we checked into the hotel and just stayed in for the night. They had snacks at the breakfast area and we all made an early night.

Saturday we did a quick trip to the mall, then we met the rest of the Suvie clan for a big family picture gettogether at Babies-R-Us. All I can say is that I'm very impressed by the people working there, taking group pictures of 10 toddlers in one shot takes some patience. :-)

Then we had dinner at Angie and Gregg's house (Brandy's stepsister and husband). Fun times, and Henrik got to play with his cousins. He was very tired at the end of the night, and crashed as soon as we loaded him into the car seat.

Sunday was a nice slow day, lunch with Sean (Brandy's brother), looked for new shoes for Henrik but didn't find any (we did get him a cute pair of boots for the rainy season though). Dinner out with Brandy's aunt Donna. Henrik got impatient at the end so we took turns walking around with him outside to keep him busy for a bit.

Monday was return travel day, which went without major hitches. There was a slight delay and threat of canceled flights, but in the end we made it through without problems. We did get a later flight from Dallas to Austin, but our bag made it on the first one so we just had to pick it up at the luggage office when we got there. Lucky us, because I had accidentally put my coat that had the car key in it inside that bag. Ooops...

Here's a few more pictures from the weekend. We didn't take a whole lot of them this trip.

Cousin Vinnie

Cousin Cole

...and cousin Payton (Cole's little sister)

One more of Vinnie :-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lunch with Audrey

Today we met up with Audrey and her mom for Baby bloomers and then on to lunch. The kids had a blast and ended up so tired that both her mom and I got a nice little break this afternoon.

We went to Chedd's for lunch. All grilled cheese baby! Enough said.

A few doors down we found Planet Yogurt. It was my first time at a place like that. There was maybe 8 flavors and you fill your cup up with how much of any of them you like. Then you pick your own toppings. Just remember you pay by the ounce ;)

Henrik and Audrey loved it and so did the mamas! Henrik even shared some with Audrey!

Afterward we figured why not let them run off some steam. And boy did they -- by the end they were both laying on the ground nearly passed out. Love it :)

Audrey smiling pretty!

Dancing toddlers.

Petals in the wind.

Want a taste?


Got yoghurt?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

MOO [updated]

So Henrik doesn't talk much yet, but we've been trying to teach him a few of the animal sounds. He'll do what we (but probably noone else) recognizes as a "Woof", and he has a very cute "Moo" that sounds like "Boo".

So, he might seem serious in this photo but he's really just saying "Mooo" to the cow :)

Photo by Leann.

[The rest is by Brandy]

Our friends told us about a little fair in the parking lot of the Dell Diamond this morning, so we made plans to go by later in the afternoon.

It was pretty small, but lots of fun for the little ones. We went through a fun house that has sliding floors, shaking steps, spinning floors and more! The guy had to stop the shaking floor for Henrik to walk across it and the spinning exit too, but he smiled and it was still fun.

The kids liked the pink flying elephants, but Henrik spotted some flying balloons and after the train ride, we made Inara's dad take the kids on the balloons. He was squished but the kiddos LOVED it.

We took two spins on the horse carousel and they even won prizes! It was a lot of fun and we're looking forward to the Austin Fair on Thursday!

This morning we picked up bagels and Henrik LOVED the pumpkin one!

We went to Amy's Ice Cream's Anniversary earlier this week. Free ice cream!

Henrik likes to play with cars now! Vroom!

And he likes to drag my bag ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009

More photos from Life In Motion!

Lyndsay put up more pictures from our session on her blog yesterday, they can be found here:

We're very excited and happy with the results! There's also a slideshow of proofs on her regular website, login as "henrik" under the client proofing section.

Can't wait to see them printed. We should pick at least one to blow up on a canvas too. :-)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Houston trip!

Back when we took our trip to Sweden in June, we applied for a Swedish passport for Henrik. It got sent to the consulate in LA, and we ended up asking (and paying) them to send it on to a location closer to us. We got to choose between Houston and Dallas.

The distance to the two cities is about the same, but the drive to Dallas is booooring. Besides, there's some cool stuff to look at in Houston (I'm sure there's some in Dallas too).

So, early Monday morning we loaded up the car and headed out. We were hoping that Henrik would still be asleep when we left (and sleep halfway there), but nope. He woke up bright and early on his own. Still, he did great in the car and only at the end did we have to entertain him in the back seat.

We arrived there as they opened at 10am, and the passport business was quickly taken care of. It's just a small office in a building there, and we didn't think to take pictures. They played a little with Henrik and we talked a bit, I think the whole thing took about 30 minutes.

After that we knew that the little one would need to get a bit of energy out of him, and when asking around for parks nearby there wasn't all that much available. We did know (thanks to Tabatha!) that there was a nice mall not far away, and right next to it was a large "fountain" called Williams Water Wall. We wandered around a little in the mall, bought Henrik a new coat for the winter and grabbed some early lunch. Then we headed to the park by the wall and hung out for a bit.

Henrik was completely exhausted after, he was asleep in the back seat before we had left the parking garage. He slept almost all the way home and overall did really great. We had dreaded the 7.5 hours of car riding in one day, but it was no big deal. We're not eager to redo it though. :-)

This gives a little perspective of the height of the waterfall

Henrik posing in front of some random person. He just walked up and stood there waiting to get his picture taken :-)

Across the park is the Williams Tower. Tall building!

Playing in the park for a bit

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday nights and Sunday mornings

Last night was Halloween, and Henrik got to go trick or treating for the first time. We met up with some friends and went to a few houses on their street, maybe 8 or 10 in total. It was a lot of fun, even though he couldn't say "Trick or treat" yet himself. But he did carry his pumpkin most of the time!

Loading up with a few raspberries before going out

Trick or treat?

For some reason, Henrik has a thing for garage door handles. He got the other boys hooked on it too, showing off his handle-rattling skills here.

Henrik has yet to actually taste candy, by the way. We figured if we can wait with introducing it, he won't really know what he's missing. So we've got a small bowl of candy for mom and dad in the house now. :-)

Saturday ended up being a late night for all of us. When we got home we stopped by next door, and Henrik got to hang out with the kids there for a little bit, watching a movie and playing. He was in bed by 9.30 or so. We watched a bit of tv and before we knew it time was midnight. Oops.

This weekend is the daylight savings change here in the US, so while kid-free adults get to sleep in an hour later, there is no such luxury with a 19-month old in the house. Instead we packed up the stroller and the whole family went for a walk, followed by a breakfast taco and a cup of coffee out. It was a bit cold right when we left the house, but it warmed up pretty quickly and it is now a very nice day out.