Monday, November 9, 2009

Lunch with Audrey

Today we met up with Audrey and her mom for Baby bloomers and then on to lunch. The kids had a blast and ended up so tired that both her mom and I got a nice little break this afternoon.

We went to Chedd's for lunch. All grilled cheese baby! Enough said.

A few doors down we found Planet Yogurt. It was my first time at a place like that. There was maybe 8 flavors and you fill your cup up with how much of any of them you like. Then you pick your own toppings. Just remember you pay by the ounce ;)

Henrik and Audrey loved it and so did the mamas! Henrik even shared some with Audrey!

Afterward we figured why not let them run off some steam. And boy did they -- by the end they were both laying on the ground nearly passed out. Love it :)

Audrey smiling pretty!

Dancing toddlers.

Petals in the wind.

Want a taste?


Got yoghurt?


  1. great pictures of super cute kids! and i loooove audrey's blouse, do they make it in my size?

  2. Great pictures, Brandy! Audrey and I had a great time playing with you and "Hemmick".

    Emelia - her shirt is from babyGap last year. I'd give it to you for Ruby but I'm not sure it will ever be the same after the yogurt!

  3. A place dedicated to grilled cheese is speaking my language. You always find the best places to have fun!

  4. That grilled cheese place is my dream come true!!! I'm so there!