Thursday, November 19, 2009

Delaware trip

We took a trip to Delaware to see Brandy's family last weekend (Friday-Monday). The travel went pretty well, and it was fun to see everyone again.

Last time we flew with Henrik (JetBlue to SFO), we decided that even though he's technically below 24 months and isn't required to have his own seat, we can't really have him in our laps on a 3-hour plane ride any more. He's just got too much energy for it, and it makes all of us grumpy and miserable.

So he got his own seat. We also borrowed a GoGo Kidz roller from a friend, so we could wheel him around in his car seat:

He also sat in the seat on the plane, and that went much better. Only drawback was that he could reach and kick the seat in front, and was very strongwilled about actually pressing against it. We just had to do our best to keep him entertained.

AA had inflight wireless for free, so on the trip back I got the idea to bring up youtube and watch some sesame street clips and other fun stuff with him. Next time we'll make sure to have some entertainment for him on our phones.

Friday we checked into the hotel and just stayed in for the night. They had snacks at the breakfast area and we all made an early night.

Saturday we did a quick trip to the mall, then we met the rest of the Suvie clan for a big family picture gettogether at Babies-R-Us. All I can say is that I'm very impressed by the people working there, taking group pictures of 10 toddlers in one shot takes some patience. :-)

Then we had dinner at Angie and Gregg's house (Brandy's stepsister and husband). Fun times, and Henrik got to play with his cousins. He was very tired at the end of the night, and crashed as soon as we loaded him into the car seat.

Sunday was a nice slow day, lunch with Sean (Brandy's brother), looked for new shoes for Henrik but didn't find any (we did get him a cute pair of boots for the rainy season though). Dinner out with Brandy's aunt Donna. Henrik got impatient at the end so we took turns walking around with him outside to keep him busy for a bit.

Monday was return travel day, which went without major hitches. There was a slight delay and threat of canceled flights, but in the end we made it through without problems. We did get a later flight from Dallas to Austin, but our bag made it on the first one so we just had to pick it up at the luggage office when we got there. Lucky us, because I had accidentally put my coat that had the car key in it inside that bag. Ooops...

Here's a few more pictures from the weekend. We didn't take a whole lot of them this trip.

Cousin Vinnie

Cousin Cole

...and cousin Payton (Cole's little sister)

One more of Vinnie :-)


  1. Oh it is so much easier to travel when they have their own seat. Glad you had a good time!

  2. I'm looking forward to Kenzie having her own seat!! I also love the car seat on wheels...we always borrow one from a friend too.

  3. Glad you guys had a great trip. It's so nice to get away like that every once in a while, not that we know really, but I'm sure it is. LOL And Henrik, such a great traveler!

  4. how fun to spend time with cousins! annie has her own seat for christmas, and even though i hated spending that money, i'm really glad for the extra space!