Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Houston trip!

Back when we took our trip to Sweden in June, we applied for a Swedish passport for Henrik. It got sent to the consulate in LA, and we ended up asking (and paying) them to send it on to a location closer to us. We got to choose between Houston and Dallas.

The distance to the two cities is about the same, but the drive to Dallas is booooring. Besides, there's some cool stuff to look at in Houston (I'm sure there's some in Dallas too).

So, early Monday morning we loaded up the car and headed out. We were hoping that Henrik would still be asleep when we left (and sleep halfway there), but nope. He woke up bright and early on his own. Still, he did great in the car and only at the end did we have to entertain him in the back seat.

We arrived there as they opened at 10am, and the passport business was quickly taken care of. It's just a small office in a building there, and we didn't think to take pictures. They played a little with Henrik and we talked a bit, I think the whole thing took about 30 minutes.

After that we knew that the little one would need to get a bit of energy out of him, and when asking around for parks nearby there wasn't all that much available. We did know (thanks to Tabatha!) that there was a nice mall not far away, and right next to it was a large "fountain" called Williams Water Wall. We wandered around a little in the mall, bought Henrik a new coat for the winter and grabbed some early lunch. Then we headed to the park by the wall and hung out for a bit.

Henrik was completely exhausted after, he was asleep in the back seat before we had left the parking garage. He slept almost all the way home and overall did really great. We had dreaded the 7.5 hours of car riding in one day, but it was no big deal. We're not eager to redo it though. :-)

This gives a little perspective of the height of the waterfall

Henrik posing in front of some random person. He just walked up and stood there waiting to get his picture taken :-)

Across the park is the Williams Tower. Tall building!

Playing in the park for a bit


  1. The pictures came out great & it looks like y'all had an awesome time!!!

  2. Great shots! Sounds like a fun little road trip.

  3. Woah, that waterfall is unbelievable!! Good job in the car, Henrik. Can you teach Mya how to do that?!! ;)

  4. Looks like you guys had fun and that waterfall is amazing! But next time you better come to Dallas! :)