Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday Party!!

Henrik's birthday party rained in last weekend, so we had to reschedule it. Today was the day, and while it was nice and warm (in the sun), it was windy. Not only that, but it turns out that the pavilion we had booked at the park was in a spot that had no protection at all from the wind. Still, we think most had a pretty good time!

I was running around like crazy getting balloons and ice and this and that (and Henrik was with me, trying to get a little nap in the car seat). I got there just in time for them to go on the train ride! :)

Here's the train rolling into the station. Henrik is sitting with Hadley and Mar in the first row!

Second car of the train full of friends :-)

Jack always knows how to have a good time.

Heading back towards the party, Henrik holding hands with Anabel

Of course, when you are 2 years old, there is no such thing as "quickest way from point A to B". :-)

"Look mom, I'm sitting down. Can I have my cupcake now?"

Light the candle, already! (It was very windy indeed)

Haaappy Biiirthday dear Henrik, Happy birthday to you!

The cupcake passed the Henrik quality control.

Wyatt and Mason were there too

Cupcake and bubbles. Can it get much better than this for a 2-year-old Henrik?

A view of the pavilion and the crowd :-)

Dennis and Kenzie

Travis and Alex

Isabella running on the field

Rhett on the soccer field next to the pavilion

Brandy was trying to hand out balloons to the departing guests. She did a handful until at one of them, the whole bunch slipped her grip and went bye bye in that cruel way that only balloons can. Luckily, no children were traumatized by it this time. :-)

A few of us (Me and Henrik, Monte and Rhett, Abby and Kim with Wyatt and Mason) took a last trip on the train before we finished packing up and headed home!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The hunt is on!

The easter egg hunt, that is.

Today was the easter egg hunt at Emma's house, and we had a lot of fun. He got to see the usual crowd there (besides Mya, who couldn't be there). There was also a new member of the gang there. :-)

Here's the whole group on the back porch

Kenzie and Annie hanging out

Shelby and Madison

Henrik having a blast, like always. :-)

Kenzie and Kristen

More Henrik

Emma and Kristen

And one last Henrik to finish off the set with. :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Austin Zoo

As mentioned earlier, we went to the Zoo this afternoon. It was the last day that they were showing their new lion cubs! It was crazy busy when we got there around 3.30 but people had already started leaving. The cubs were only out until 4, but we got a look at them. Then we wandered around and looked at the large cats, some of the petting zoo and took a ride on their train.

All in all, a great visit even though it was a bit on the crowded side. :)

Plenty of pictures below...

Looking at the lion cubs :)

Here they are (it was hard to get a good photo)

Hanging out in the stroller heading to the next part. He's almost too big for this one by now...

More big cats, hanging out

This one is the father of the cubs. The mom and him weren't very happy to not have their little ones around. He was roaring some, and she was pacing nonstop...

Another one of the cat two pictures above..

Walking around a bit, near the deer

Food! Anyone hungry? Henrik was all about feeding the animals. Kept asking for more until we were all out (well, he poured out some on the ground at the end). He even tried to feed it to some of the chickens. :-)

Given the amount of visitors today, I'm surprised any of the animals still wanted food. I'm sure they're rarely as overfed as they got today. :-)

Henrik doing the things Henrik does best... Being a 2-year old. :)

More walking around :)

Final one, this one is on the train :-)

Look who's two!!

Wow. Only two years ago...

And one year ago...

And this morning...

Henrik got his big birthday present from us when he woke up. He did NOT want to get out of it to go get some breakfast.

More photos through the weekend. We're going to the zoo this afternoon, that should be fun! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What a week and it's only halfway through!

So, last week we started getting serious about finding a preschool/MDO for Henrik for the fall. MDO is a part-time daycare, it's two days a week (usually Tuesday and Thursday), and it's only half the day.

There is one that we found that we liked, and we made the application for the fall. Our neighbor works there, and her youngest goes there. Henrik has another friend who's been there all year and her parents like it.

But, there's also another preschool/daycare that has opened up in the neighborhood next to ours. It's brand new, and when Brandy went there to take a tour, she also ended up filling in the application paperwork.

They had immediate openings! Whoa. So, we chose to let Henrik start MDO right away.

Tuesday was his first day. He LOVED it. He didn't actually want to come home. Brandy had a harder time dealing with it than he had. :) But they say that the second week is tougher, the novelty of going a new place wears off for the child and all that.

The class is so far quite small (only two other children on Tuesday). One of the others was having a harder time though, she was crying at their nap time when we were there to pick him up. Henrik was so sweet though, he was trying to comfort her, walking over to her cot and petting her head.

So, anyway. That's what's going on. :)

Here are a few photos from Tuesday morning.

Henrik getting ready (watching a few minutes of TV, Brandy was OBVIOUSLY blocking the view for him).

Styling his hair!

Time to go! (Cutest backpack ever!)

In class! The calendar was taken off the wall by him before we left. I guess they will glue it in place next. :-)