Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday Party!!

Henrik's birthday party rained in last weekend, so we had to reschedule it. Today was the day, and while it was nice and warm (in the sun), it was windy. Not only that, but it turns out that the pavilion we had booked at the park was in a spot that had no protection at all from the wind. Still, we think most had a pretty good time!

I was running around like crazy getting balloons and ice and this and that (and Henrik was with me, trying to get a little nap in the car seat). I got there just in time for them to go on the train ride! :)

Here's the train rolling into the station. Henrik is sitting with Hadley and Mar in the first row!

Second car of the train full of friends :-)

Jack always knows how to have a good time.

Heading back towards the party, Henrik holding hands with Anabel

Of course, when you are 2 years old, there is no such thing as "quickest way from point A to B". :-)

"Look mom, I'm sitting down. Can I have my cupcake now?"

Light the candle, already! (It was very windy indeed)

Haaappy Biiirthday dear Henrik, Happy birthday to you!

The cupcake passed the Henrik quality control.

Wyatt and Mason were there too

Cupcake and bubbles. Can it get much better than this for a 2-year-old Henrik?

A view of the pavilion and the crowd :-)

Dennis and Kenzie

Travis and Alex

Isabella running on the field

Rhett on the soccer field next to the pavilion

Brandy was trying to hand out balloons to the departing guests. She did a handful until at one of them, the whole bunch slipped her grip and went bye bye in that cruel way that only balloons can. Luckily, no children were traumatized by it this time. :-)

A few of us (Me and Henrik, Monte and Rhett, Abby and Kim with Wyatt and Mason) took a last trip on the train before we finished packing up and headed home!


  1. ahhhh! looks like you guys had a blast!

  2. We had a blast. Emma loved that choo choo!! Thanks for an awesome party.

  3. It was a great party...Kenzie has been taking naps and going to sleep with her train whistle. We hear her tooting for at least 5 minutes after we leave the room!