Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What a week and it's only halfway through!

So, last week we started getting serious about finding a preschool/MDO for Henrik for the fall. MDO is a part-time daycare, it's two days a week (usually Tuesday and Thursday), and it's only half the day.

There is one that we found that we liked, and we made the application for the fall. Our neighbor works there, and her youngest goes there. Henrik has another friend who's been there all year and her parents like it.

But, there's also another preschool/daycare that has opened up in the neighborhood next to ours. It's brand new, and when Brandy went there to take a tour, she also ended up filling in the application paperwork.

They had immediate openings! Whoa. So, we chose to let Henrik start MDO right away.

Tuesday was his first day. He LOVED it. He didn't actually want to come home. Brandy had a harder time dealing with it than he had. :) But they say that the second week is tougher, the novelty of going a new place wears off for the child and all that.

The class is so far quite small (only two other children on Tuesday). One of the others was having a harder time though, she was crying at their nap time when we were there to pick him up. Henrik was so sweet though, he was trying to comfort her, walking over to her cot and petting her head.

So, anyway. That's what's going on. :)

Here are a few photos from Tuesday morning.

Henrik getting ready (watching a few minutes of TV, Brandy was OBVIOUSLY blocking the view for him).

Styling his hair!

Time to go! (Cutest backpack ever!)

In class! The calendar was taken off the wall by him before we left. I guess they will glue it in place next. :-)


  1. oh my goodness I love the backpack and the pictures!!! too sweet!!

  2. CUTE!! I hope MDO continues to go well for Henrik (and Brandy)!!

  3. he looks so adorable all ready for school!! i sure do wish i could find one for annie close to our house!

  4. So glad he is having a good time!! I hope you are enjoying your few hours of time off. It goes by so quickly.

  5. So cute!! It has been really hard for me to find a MDO...I really hope I get into one for the fall!

  6. So glad that there are other parents out there emotionally stronger than me! lol Hope it continues to go well. :)

  7. so glad he's having a good time!! that's great!