Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend report

Figured I would post a weekend update since we got a bunch of pictures to share.

I was out in California last week, and came back late on Friday night due to flight delays. At least we got to see the Canada/Slovakia game on the plane (JetBlue has TVs in each seatback. Love it).

Saturday I got to sleep in while Brandy and Henrik went to swim class. They also signed up for the next class since the current is about to run out. Henrik is doing so well in the water!

Afternoon was a first birthday party, and at night we had a dinner/party at some friends. We all went for the dinner, then I drove the others home and went back for a couple of more hours. Brandy went to bed early, she's had a long week.

Sunday morning Henrik slept in late. Brandy had a photo shoot (see her blog for a sneak peak of that later tonight). Henrik and I hung out at home for a while, then we got the stroller our and went for a long walk to a playground with a large sandpit a few miles down the back trail. Brandy met up with us there when she was done.

The afternoon was spent at home. Henrik napped, we watched the hockey game and played around a bit. He was getting bored and needed to get some energy out of him before dinner, so we all went out back and played for a while.

Henrik LOVES books these days. He will go pick one up, then come over to you, back up against you and sit down in your lap (if you're on the floor). He even had one with him on the walk today, just sitting there holding on to it.

A more and more common sight at our house.

Playing at the dino sandbox.

Sand lollipop? No? Ok, well he had to try...

Nellie hanging out in the back yard tonight

Brandy (it was windy and a bit chilly)

It was getting dark quickly at the end. These last ones got a bit grainy but in black and white they turned out OK.

(Photo geeks: All the night play pictures were taken at ISO 6400, the last ones were grainy mostly because they got underexposed by mistake. I'm still blown away by the high-ISO performance of the D700.)


  1. What a great weekend! Gotta love that high ISO!!

  2. That is a great weekend!! Henrik, I look forward to checking out those swim moves this summer. You will have to teach the other kiddos.

  3. So fun! I love the pictures of him playing with the soccer ball.