Monday, February 15, 2010

Hanging out

No blogging for a few days. We upgraded some of the software on our "photo computer" (iMac), and it hasn't been entirely without glitches. Apple's Aperture 3 is awesome, but it definitely still has a few warts. Oh well, hopefully fixed soon.

Anyway, we've been taking it easy around the house. Potty training has officially begun, which includes hanging out in the living room between dinner and bath without pants. Henrik doesn't seem to mind. :)

We were experimenting with off-camera flash, and of course Henrik wanted to help out. Especially since it was a neat "toy" that blinked!


  1. he looks like such a big boy! potty training today and college tomorrow! tear tear! :) that lil booty is just too cute!

  2. Love the no pants!! Henrik you are growing up too fast!!

  3. Lycka till med potträningen,
    Henrik är Farmor och Farfars gullgosse.
    Vi älskar dej och hela familjen
    Farmor och Farfar