Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sluggish Sunday

[This WAS written on Sunday but we forgot to publish. Gah!]

We've been bad at blogging lately. Not sure why it's not happening, we just don't seem to get around to it. We haven't been bringing the camera with us enough, and the photo taking and the blogging tends to go hand in hand. The weather has been so cold and rainy that we haven't really had much inspiration.

So, what's been going on? Lots, and not much all at once. We've had a few events around town (Ruby's dad turned 30, among other things), and Brandy and Henrik have been staying busy most of the weeks. They went to the YMCA to swim for the first time this week outside of class, and had a blast. I think it will become a regular thing for them, Henrik loves water so much and, well, Brandy does too.

At home things have been more of the same. Henrik has been busy being a soon-two-year-old toddler, making sure we always have plenty of tidying to do. I've been busy with work, but it's been nice to stay home for a few weeks in a row (I go out to San Jose next week again). We've finally started taking action on getting our roof replaced as well. It got damaged enough in the hail storm in March last year that insurance pays for a new one, but it hasn't been damaged enough that we've been in a hurry to get it done.

Brandy got a new desk for her office last weekend, instead of the less-than-awesome computer desk we still used for her corner. We shopped around quite a bit, and Pottery Barn had two really nice desks that we liked, but the price tags weren't as great as the desks themselves. But we found something at World Market that is nearly as nice, at a much nicer price. Maybe we'll upgrade to a fancier desk down the road but for now this is quite sufficient.

Brandy took Henrik to get a haircut yesterday, at a new place. Foolish of us, we'll switch back. This one was a little closer to our house but the haircut wasn't nearly as good. It looks ok from the front but the neck looks like a bowl cut at the bottom. Sigh.

Wow, this got quite verbose. I'll be quiet now, and post some photos instead. They were taken this morning when Henrik was painting some in the living room.


  1. i've got to say that you guys find the best boy clothes ever for henrik! what a cutie.

  2. It looks like he is really concentrating on his painting...maybe a Picasso??