Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of the year; A recap in pictures

We've only had the blog pictures on SmugMug since early June, so it's hard to make one common slideshow for the whole year. But here is one with most of the pictures from this year (and a few bonus ones that we never blogged).

(I've added in a few that came from MobileMe but not everything. Lesson learned for next year. :-)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm a toddler!

So we took the front of Henrik's crib off yesterday and put on the toddler railing. In the middle of this I realized what we were doing and had a mini freak out. Holy crap! He's not an infant/baby anymore. He's a real TODDLER!

He ran around the bed and giggled a lot, then we laid him down for his nap, pulled up his blanket turned on the music and that was that. He went straight to sleep. Awesome!

I went out that afternoon while he was napping and when I got back Olof let me know Henrik stayed in his bed and waited for help out of the bed. Double awesome!

So bed time came, same thing, he went straight down! In the morning he was laying with his legs up the side of the bed and singing to himself.

I was home after nap time today and went up to get him. I brought the camera and he hammed it up!

(Hold on to your keyboards, there is a whole bunch of pictures!)

Is this where I get out?

I'm just gonna hang out here a bit!

Ready to go?

... looks a little tall. Daaaad?


Practicing my "hey baby" look :-)

Oh, hey guys! You still here?

Oh yeah, and guess who went pee in the potty tonight!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crispy morning

Whoa. Two blog posts on one day, this is getting out of control. :)

Sunday morning was real nice and crisp. The car had frost on the windscreen when we got out in the morning.

It has become our tradition that Sunday is the day that Brandy gets to sleep in. So Henrik and I got up and went to get some bagels in the morning. When we got home we played out front a bit, he ran his little crocodile walker up and down the sidewalk, I hope we didn't wake anyone up (it's loud!).

After that we went inside, had a bagel and rounded up the grandparents for a morning walk. Henrik is very serious when he sits in the stroller, but he had a good time. It was pretty quiet out, I guess the cold kept people from wanting to venture out early. The trail is normally quite busy on Sunday mornings.

More holiday fun

A couple of more photos, these ones from christmas morning. We all got up and hung out for a while, and Henrik got to open his presents. He lost interest about halfway through so the last bits of it we did in the afternoon after his nap.

He got a bunch of neat toys from near and dear (and some far too :-).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Julafton (Christmas Eve)

Henrik had a couple of crummy days at the beginning of the week while he was battling his cold, but he's feeling much better now and is back to his old self, lots of playing and having an overall good time.

In Sweden they normally celebrate christmas on the 24th, and since Olof's parents are here visiting we did some of our traditions today (a small buffet dinner and we watched some of the Swedish holiday cartoons).

Henrik got to open one present after he woke up from his loong afternoon nap, it was a toy guitar from his great aunt Donna. He loved it, and gave it a big old hug after playing with it for a few minutes. :-)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, now we know what it was

Turns out Henrik was having an ear infection, caused by allergies and drainage. Brandy brought him in to Treehouse on Saturday since he had a bad bad night with coughing before. He has them every now and then but as usual he didn't really give any signs of being sick; no fever, etc. Just a little extra crankyness.

He slept a whole lot on Saturday, first a 3 hour nap when they got back from the doctor, then another hour and a half just an hour later. But he's feeling better today and has more energy.

Today we're about to load up the car and go look for a tree. Pictures tonight, perhaps. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Another week has flown past...

... and no new posts here. We've been busy, getting the house ready for visitors, I was out to San Jose Sun-Wed, and my parents arrived on Tuesday night.

First few days with them have been slow, mostly just hanging around the house a bit. Today we went down to The Domain to have Henrik photographed with Santa, and had dinner out at CPK.

Henrik has been a bit clingy lately. While he normally tolerates sitting with us and getting cuddled, it's rare that he actually seeks us out and wants to be picked up for it. But not the last few days, he's had separation issues from both of us while we are still at home, and he's been fussier than normal. It's almost like he's not feeling super spiffy, but there's no signs of illness beyond some coughing at night and some (clear) runny nose. Not sure just what is up with the little guy but I hope it gets better soon.

Some pictures from Santa below:

Afterwards he got a little chocolate chip cookie while we walked over to dinner.

Friday, December 11, 2009

No news is good news

It's been pretty quiet here lately. What have we been up to?

Well, I've been busy fixing up our front room so Brandy has somewhere to keep the photo stuff and I have a room to enjoy my audio system in.

Brandy has been busy being a mom, chasing Henrik around and dealing with everyday stuff that comes up.

Henrik has been busy being sick for a bit (all better now, just a sinus infection), and doing the things Henrik does best. He's become quite the toddler. He runs more than he walks, he loves Curious George and has a new found obsession of his little Brio model trains.

We've also finally designed our Christmas cards, they will arrive here next week. We are cutting it very close for getting them out in time for people in Sweden, so they might arrive late there. We'll see. :(

But, final piece here: Both Brandy and I have been a bit busy on the side. I've been slaving away as her IT guy, getting her domains registered, web site configured, blog installed and configured and set up. She's been busy taking photos, proofing them and dealing with all the real parts of the work. Things are slowly starting to move, and at least I am excited about it. Brandy is excited AND nervous, I think. :-) Still lots of little things left to do.

So, to get to Brandy Leigh Photography's blog, please go to She will be adding sneak peaks and bits and pieces over time. (I'll add a link at the top right too).

And since it's not a blog post without some pictures, here's a couple from the last week and a half:

Henrik eating a pear, big-boy style!

Henrik was also making Brandy company while she was taking some pictures of Annie (and Kristen) on Wednesday. He was having a bit of a grumpy day so we let him have his pacifier outside of naptime.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Party time! Excellent!

Saturday we went to help celebrate our friend Ruby's 1st birthday!

We had so much fun. Good food, good friends what more could you ask for?

Cake you say? Oh yeah, there was cake! See below!

Ruby and her Mama Emilia.

Ruby was a little timid at first.

But once Henrik showed it was ok...

She dug right in!

She sure seemed to like it!

Henrik Loved his cupcake :)

And he loved her new wagon!


For the last week or so, Henrik has been sniffly, but hadn't shown any signs of being sick so everything pointed towards it being allergies.

And it probably was, but on Sunday morning he woke up early with a fever. We kept an eye on him through the day, and gave him some Motrin and Tylenol to keep the fever down. He did quite well, but was starting to get more congested (and his snot was turning colors).

Since he went to a birthday party on Saturday we wanted to make sure that it wasn't something contagious that other parents should be worried about (the flu). We took him in yesterday afternoon, and the flu test came back negative. Out pedi said it's likely an infection, we got prescribed some antibiotics and will take it easy for the next few days. His fever isn't as high any more and the worst of it seems to be over.

But he still wakes up at night and going back to sleep can be hard since he's congested. While we have been spoiled by him being such a good sleeper, I have to admit I don't mind getting up -- he is super cuddly and curls up on you to go back to sleep.

Anyway, he seems to be staying asleep this time so I should go get another couple of hours myself now.

[Brandy is a little behind on blogging the birthday party. I'm sure something will show up here in the next couple of days. :-)]