Thursday, December 24, 2009

Julafton (Christmas Eve)

Henrik had a couple of crummy days at the beginning of the week while he was battling his cold, but he's feeling much better now and is back to his old self, lots of playing and having an overall good time.

In Sweden they normally celebrate christmas on the 24th, and since Olof's parents are here visiting we did some of our traditions today (a small buffet dinner and we watched some of the Swedish holiday cartoons).

Henrik got to open one present after he woke up from his loong afternoon nap, it was a toy guitar from his great aunt Donna. He loved it, and gave it a big old hug after playing with it for a few minutes. :-)


  1. Love that guitar, Henrik! Can't wait to hear you rock out.
    (This is Kristen. I am signed in under Andy's username.)

  2. Cute! Love that last picture. Hope y'all had a great day today!

  3. Glad you guys had a great time. We also celebrate on Xmas Eve in my family and we're not even Swedish! lol Good to see you guys the other night!!