Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crispy morning

Whoa. Two blog posts on one day, this is getting out of control. :)

Sunday morning was real nice and crisp. The car had frost on the windscreen when we got out in the morning.

It has become our tradition that Sunday is the day that Brandy gets to sleep in. So Henrik and I got up and went to get some bagels in the morning. When we got home we played out front a bit, he ran his little crocodile walker up and down the sidewalk, I hope we didn't wake anyone up (it's loud!).

After that we went inside, had a bagel and rounded up the grandparents for a morning walk. Henrik is very serious when he sits in the stroller, but he had a good time. It was pretty quiet out, I guess the cold kept people from wanting to venture out early. The trail is normally quite busy on Sunday mornings.

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  1. Härliga bilder på farföräldrar o sonson. Får en liten backflash i huvudet. En bild på en tidigare generation farmor o farfar med en liten pigg Olof i vagnen, som förväntats sova efter promenaden.
    Här har vi fått rejält med snö. Dryga halvmetern kallsnö.
    Hälsningar från Umeå/GunBritt