Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm a toddler!

So we took the front of Henrik's crib off yesterday and put on the toddler railing. In the middle of this I realized what we were doing and had a mini freak out. Holy crap! He's not an infant/baby anymore. He's a real TODDLER!

He ran around the bed and giggled a lot, then we laid him down for his nap, pulled up his blanket turned on the music and that was that. He went straight to sleep. Awesome!

I went out that afternoon while he was napping and when I got back Olof let me know Henrik stayed in his bed and waited for help out of the bed. Double awesome!

So bed time came, same thing, he went straight down! In the morning he was laying with his legs up the side of the bed and singing to himself.

I was home after nap time today and went up to get him. I brought the camera and he hammed it up!

(Hold on to your keyboards, there is a whole bunch of pictures!)

Is this where I get out?

I'm just gonna hang out here a bit!

Ready to go?

... looks a little tall. Daaaad?


Practicing my "hey baby" look :-)

Oh, hey guys! You still here?

Oh yeah, and guess who went pee in the potty tonight!


  1. Henrik, I am impressed!! Cute photos!!

  2. okay, so he is trying to make us all look bad...toddler bed and pee in the potty! congrats henrik! maybe you could pass on your big boy knowledge to a little friend of mine!?

  3. What a big boy you are! Glad you are ahead of me so that you can give me some advice although we are dealing with two different species here. Henrik and then MYA! ;)

  4. I love his toddler bed! He is growing up too fast!!!!

  5. wow he's getting so big! a toddler bed and using the potty! way to go henrik!

  6. wow!! what a big boy now. he'll have to give annie a few pointers on sleeping in a toddler bed.