Friday, December 18, 2009

Another week has flown past...

... and no new posts here. We've been busy, getting the house ready for visitors, I was out to San Jose Sun-Wed, and my parents arrived on Tuesday night.

First few days with them have been slow, mostly just hanging around the house a bit. Today we went down to The Domain to have Henrik photographed with Santa, and had dinner out at CPK.

Henrik has been a bit clingy lately. While he normally tolerates sitting with us and getting cuddled, it's rare that he actually seeks us out and wants to be picked up for it. But not the last few days, he's had separation issues from both of us while we are still at home, and he's been fussier than normal. It's almost like he's not feeling super spiffy, but there's no signs of illness beyond some coughing at night and some (clear) runny nose. Not sure just what is up with the little guy but I hope it gets better soon.

Some pictures from Santa below:

Afterwards he got a little chocolate chip cookie while we walked over to dinner.


  1. Beautiful photos! I LOVE his hair. He's rocking the Robert Pattinson look already, I see! I hear it drives the ladies wild. :)

  2. ahhhh... the domain santa looks like a good one! loving that hair!

  3. so handsome! and what a great santa setup.

  4. I heard the domain had a good setup and santa! its a hidden jewel! :) great pictures as always of that lil cutie!

  5. I LOVE his picture with Santa!! The background is great and I like the lighting!