Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Party time! Excellent!

Saturday we went to help celebrate our friend Ruby's 1st birthday!

We had so much fun. Good food, good friends what more could you ask for?

Cake you say? Oh yeah, there was cake! See below!

Ruby and her Mama Emilia.

Ruby was a little timid at first.

But once Henrik showed it was ok...

She dug right in!

She sure seemed to like it!

Henrik Loved his cupcake :)

And he loved her new wagon!


  1. Those came out great!! And that first picture of Ruby & E is beautiful!!!!!!!!

  2. how fun! I love that high chair btw! too cool! and great for photos! what a precious lil girl! and Henrick, well, we all know he's always cutiepatootie! kinda looks like he had a party too! :)

  3. Glad he is feeling better...I love the cupcake in the mouth picture!

  4. Love you pics! The color is amazing.

    Cake = Yum Yum!!

  5. I love that high chair!! And was that red velvet cake?? Ummm!