Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long time no post

Wow, I guess that haircut really was traumatic for me. I haven't posted since!

We've been fairly busy around here:
  • Saturday we went to Anabel's birthday party and had a splashing good time!
  • Monday was Baby Bloomers at Austin Children's Museum and playing at Chik-fil-a.
  • Tuesday was Lapsit and the Singing Zoologist at Cedar Park Library (am).
  • Tuesday was Mamma Mia / 50th Bday Party for Mar's Mom (pm).
  • Wednesday (today) we had dim sum with some other Mammas!
  • Thursday we are taking the day off and Friday we are going to the Pflugerville pool!

Here are a few assorted pictures from the last week or so! I did have a crappy camera day on Tuesday so please excuse the quality :)

Pool party birthday!

He loves the turtle!

Peek-a-Boo Emma, I see you!

Trying to escape Mamma Mia


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home again, and first haircut

We got home safe and sound earlier this week. Our regular luggage made it with us, but the stroller and car seat didn't -- they missed loading ALL special luggage in Sweden, there were a bunch of families waiting for strollers that never got them in Chicago.

Thankfully, United had a loaner car seat so we could make it home. Not the greatest, but it was only a couple of years old and not too dirty. Our own stuff was delivered two days later and we're certainly happy to have it back.

Anyway, to the real topic of this post: Today was a big day. First haircut! Something about being asked how old our daughter was a couple of times too many resulted in some pressure to get it done.

We went to Pigtails & Crew Cuts, they were great. Henrik got to sit in a little fire engine while they cut his hair. Before we started we sat down and talked with them and we had a priority list in case he was too wiggly or unhappy to get it all cut today. He did great though, no fuss and all got done in one sitting!

Getting ready. See those long curls, soon to be gone.

Starting out. She was careful to collect the first few clips, we got to keep them.

All done! It looks a little shorter in the front here than it really is.

Bye bye, curls!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Travel time

We're now all packed for our trip back to the heat. It's been soo nice to have cooler weather, but I guess we'll survive in Austin too.

Last set of trip blogging (4H, etc) will have to wait until we get home. Now we need to get some sleep before our alarm goes off at 3AM. Loooong day ahead, finished by a drive from Dallas to Austin tomorrow night!

Ok, here's one bonus picture of Henrik showing off his wrinkle-nosey face at 4H. He looks grumpy but he was having a blast!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Park time!

We started the day with a trip the the 4H open house, but we haven't uploaded those pictures yet so stay tuned for tomorrow!

Henrik, his farmor and I headed to a park we noticed while out walking the other day. There was a side for little kiddos and a side for bigger kids. I didn't bring my camera but farmor did and she took some pictures.

Old School wooden slider

Modern Motorcycle! *Vroooom*

Henrik goes down all by himself!

He loved playing under the slide too!

Too little to sit in the seat, but can work the sand machine while standing!

Tire swings totally rock! He loved to twist/untwist!

Olof, Henrik and I went back after dinner and we played on the coolest teeter-totter ever! We left Henrik standing on the fence and tried out a standing teeter-totter, but I didn't like it as much (Olof like to make you pop up so fast your feet leave the ground). Henrik had walk/crawled his way to the big awesome one again so we had to ride it again! It goes up and down and twirls around. AWESOME!

best teeter-totter ever! (stock pic)

Link to the product

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just hanging out

Not much blog updates for a while now, mostly because we've mostly been doing more of the same.

Tuesday we went back up to Luleå to see some college friends. Wednesday we went to Umeå to see some other college friends. :-) Thursday was a slow day around the house, and friday we had a family get-together. Saturday was spent mostly around the house.

Pictures from the family get-together are available in a separate SmugMug gallery here.

Hanging out with farfar at the family meeting

Farmor got Henrik a new hat this week. It's like a strawberry hat, but blue. It's really cute, and hopefully large enough that he will still fit in it when it gets cold enough for it back home!

He has started wrinkling his nose when he smiles and he has a few new faces he makes when playing too!

Put up your dukes!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tractor fun

Yesterday we checked out farfar's tractor, and Henrik took it for a little spin (with some minor assistance from dad).

Then mom decided that I should be riding the little cart instead of pushing it around. :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

New skill!

Henrik enjoys cleaning the windows!

Hur man kommenterar

(Swedish only this time, instructions on how to comment. :-)

Jag fick veta att det har varit svårt att kommentera på bloggen här. Det verkar vara lite knepigt, men det skall gå om man gör såhär:

1. Skriv kommentaren
2. Välj "Anonymous" eller "Name/URL". Om du väljer Name/URL kan du fylla i ditt namn och eventuell address till blogg om du har någon. Eller lämna den tomt, det går också bra.
3. Det kommer upp en liten verifiering av att det är en människa som postar, skriv in ordet du ser
4. Klart!

Skicka gärna brev om det inte fungerar (

Friday, July 3, 2009


We went to see Erik and Sonja in Luleå today, and had a great visit. Good food and pleasant company as always.

We brought our travel bed (think no-frills pack-and-play but 50% longer), and Henrik went to bed there for a while. On our way home we took a little detour to take this picture. Unfortunately we missed the reddest part of the sunset but it was still very nice.

Now it's time for us to go crash so we're not complete zombies in the morning.

Note: This picture was taken at midnight. It doesn't get much darker than this at this time of year. The sun is already rising as I'm typing this at 2.20am.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slow day

Not that much to report about today. It's been a mostly slow day, Henrik almost slept through the night (he slept from 7.30pm to 5.30am). We're hoping for even better tonight, even though I hear him stir right now as I type this.

We went to the beach again, pictures tomorrow. It was colder today, and almost empty. But we still played in the water for a while, had an icecream and walked home.

We got some pictures off of my parent's camera from the other morning, where Henrik was helping his farfar fix the weed whacker. Lots of fun to be had around here!

Just tell me what you need help with, farfar!

I've got it! Fixed in no time!
He's taken to liking the little radio on the deck. Lots of fun buttons to push!

And we did a bit of wheel barrel riding today too. Can't get too much of it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beach part deux -- In which Henrik goes native!

A few years ago Olof and I were here (Byske) in the summer time. I dragged Olof to the beach and boy oh boy was the water cold. I don't think he even put his feet in! I figured it would probably be cold again, but since there has been a heat wave, I had my hopes up.

Olof's uncle stopped by the night we arrived and mentioned that "People were in the water!"

My heart sang! I would be able to drag him to the beach again with Henrik in tow. We even made it down one night to scout it out (see the previous post).

Yesterday, we went after lunch. It's a quick walk (maybe 10 minutes). We found a nice spot, put down the blanket and changed Henrik. We totally couldn't resist buying him a speedo, but we aren't sure he liked it.

As we walked into the water, Henrik laughed heartily every time a wave hit him. We stopped to play on a sand bar with water up to his belly button. After a quick rinse, we went to the blanket to play in the sand.

We had a great time and are heading back tomorrow!

After the beach you need a bath and in the endless day that is summer here, we gave Henrik a bath outside and he LOVED that just about as much as the beach.

I gotta say, he's becoming such a fun little dude.

Going native, and not loving it

Playing in the sand after the dip

Back yard bath time

Having fun fun fun in the tub tub tub

Swish me around some more!

Pictures fixed

Ooops, I have now fixed so the pictures will show in the last few posts.