Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home again, and first haircut

We got home safe and sound earlier this week. Our regular luggage made it with us, but the stroller and car seat didn't -- they missed loading ALL special luggage in Sweden, there were a bunch of families waiting for strollers that never got them in Chicago.

Thankfully, United had a loaner car seat so we could make it home. Not the greatest, but it was only a couple of years old and not too dirty. Our own stuff was delivered two days later and we're certainly happy to have it back.

Anyway, to the real topic of this post: Today was a big day. First haircut! Something about being asked how old our daughter was a couple of times too many resulted in some pressure to get it done.

We went to Pigtails & Crew Cuts, they were great. Henrik got to sit in a little fire engine while they cut his hair. Before we started we sat down and talked with them and we had a priority list in case he was too wiggly or unhappy to get it all cut today. He did great though, no fuss and all got done in one sitting!

Getting ready. See those long curls, soon to be gone.

Starting out. She was careful to collect the first few clips, we got to keep them.

All done! It looks a little shorter in the front here than it really is.

Bye bye, curls!


  1. Hey, I can finally post comments on your blog again!! H looks great!

  2. Aww....I'll miss those curls!!

  3. I LOVE it!! He looks so grown up!

  4. He is still a handsome devil!

  5. Ohhhh, that last picture is so sad. :( He looks like a little man now!

  6. sad but he does look so handsome :)

  7. Henrik you look so grown up! I wonder if those curls will grow back =)

  8. so cute!! he looks so handsome and grown up!