Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slow day

Not that much to report about today. It's been a mostly slow day, Henrik almost slept through the night (he slept from 7.30pm to 5.30am). We're hoping for even better tonight, even though I hear him stir right now as I type this.

We went to the beach again, pictures tomorrow. It was colder today, and almost empty. But we still played in the water for a while, had an icecream and walked home.

We got some pictures off of my parent's camera from the other morning, where Henrik was helping his farfar fix the weed whacker. Lots of fun to be had around here!

Just tell me what you need help with, farfar!

I've got it! Fixed in no time!
He's taken to liking the little radio on the deck. Lots of fun buttons to push!

And we did a bit of wheel barrel riding today too. Can't get too much of it!


  1. i love his little hat! what fun memories he is making with his grandparents'

  2. It doesn't look slow...Henrik looks very busy :)

  3. What a great time you guys are having. It sounds so peaceful, besides the not sleeping all night thing. lol