Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just hanging out

Not much blog updates for a while now, mostly because we've mostly been doing more of the same.

Tuesday we went back up to Luleå to see some college friends. Wednesday we went to Umeå to see some other college friends. :-) Thursday was a slow day around the house, and friday we had a family get-together. Saturday was spent mostly around the house.

Pictures from the family get-together are available in a separate SmugMug gallery here.

Hanging out with farfar at the family meeting

Farmor got Henrik a new hat this week. It's like a strawberry hat, but blue. It's really cute, and hopefully large enough that he will still fit in it when it gets cold enough for it back home!

He has started wrinkling his nose when he smiles and he has a few new faces he makes when playing too!

Put up your dukes!

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