Sunday, July 12, 2009

Park time!

We started the day with a trip the the 4H open house, but we haven't uploaded those pictures yet so stay tuned for tomorrow!

Henrik, his farmor and I headed to a park we noticed while out walking the other day. There was a side for little kiddos and a side for bigger kids. I didn't bring my camera but farmor did and she took some pictures.

Old School wooden slider

Modern Motorcycle! *Vroooom*

Henrik goes down all by himself!

He loved playing under the slide too!

Too little to sit in the seat, but can work the sand machine while standing!

Tire swings totally rock! He loved to twist/untwist!

Olof, Henrik and I went back after dinner and we played on the coolest teeter-totter ever! We left Henrik standing on the fence and tried out a standing teeter-totter, but I didn't like it as much (Olof like to make you pop up so fast your feet leave the ground). Henrik had walk/crawled his way to the big awesome one again so we had to ride it again! It goes up and down and twirls around. AWESOME!

best teeter-totter ever! (stock pic)

Link to the product

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