Monday, May 17, 2010

Playdate at a fun park

Friday Henrik and I met up with my old buddy from DE, Mitra and her super cute little guy Adrian.

We went to a park and Henrik had a blast. Not only was there sand (and sand at the park isn't that powdery sand you have at the park in Texas, but nice big grains that shakes off easy), but there were also swings, slides and a stroller to push! With a kid to feed in it! Holy Fun times Batman!!
Hey there!

So cute!

Where to buddy?

Lots of traffic, want a snack?

Hello? ! ?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Greetings from California!

Uhm, so lets pretend it hasn't been over a month since I posted. I have been reading all of your blogs, but since I read them in google reader, there isn't a quick way to comment. Sorry if you guys think I've forgotten you!

So, in the last month lots has happened but that's not the post for today.

Let's talk about running late to the airport.

Thursday we needed to leave the house by 6am to get there in plenty of time.
I was ready to go at 6:05. I went up to get Henrik and he had a full on fit about leaving the house. It seriously took me 20 minutes to get him to let me touch him/ pick him up. So leaving the house at 6:30. Not cool.

Got on the toll road and see 40 miles until empty tank. I think that's ok, we'll fuel up when I get home. Nope. Around Cameron Rd the car was on 0 miles left and the needle was pointing below the 0. Crap Crap Crapity Crap. I figure there is nothing for a while after Cameron so I exit and have to drive out to Parmer to f ind a gas station. Ugh.

Fueled up a bit then headed to the airport.

Parking men make me park way far away. I strap Henrik into the beco and get ready to run to the airport. The bus was waiting so I figured I'll just take it. It's probably faster than me running. We get loaded and I see the clock on the bus, 7:26. Plane starts boarding at 7:30. Crap.

We run to the counter and they lady gives me priority pass so I can just walk right up to the first security checker dude. I get lots of dirty looks from people that have been waiting. I feel horrible, but my plane is boarding so whatever.

We run to the gate and get on the plane. I put H down in a seat and fiddle with the Cares Harness we borrowed. No one was booked in the seat behind H so that was nice. I didn't get it right but I was so freaking hot from running, the humidity and well Henrik is like 10000 degrees F. As I was strapping him in I think a few beads of sweat dropped on him and he laughed at me. Thanks Kiddo ;)

So after we got to cruising altitude and the seat belt sign was released I fiddled a bit more with the harness and got ti on right and tight! I think I like it, but I'll reserve judgment for after the return flight.

I was so stressed out, but we got here and Henrik was super happy to see Olof so that made all the morning stress worth it.