Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ok, so weekly blogging is a start right?

We woke up pretty late today (almost 9 am) and I thought we missed our snow chance. The snow had turned to rain by that point and I was honestly a little bummed. An hour later, snow started up again!

I grabbed his snowsuit from last Sweden trip and looked at the tag, it said 80 and his current size jacket is 90 but it's roomy, so I figured lets try it!

I put on a long sleeved shirt and long socks then stuffed him in Randy style (A Christmas Story).
He waddled over to the door and out we went.

He had a blast! We played for a long time until we noticed the lady across the street was outside. Henrik wanted to waddle over so we did, but he stepped into a puddle. This is when I realized the booties on the snowsuit aren't waterproof.

He was not happy to have freezing cold wet feet. :)

C'mon Mama!

How do I eat this stuff?

With my hands?

OH! Like this!

I've fallen!

And I can't get up!


  1. Love the snowsuit. We need one! Glad you were able to catch the snow.

  2. Vi har 1 meter snö

  3. he does look really cute in his little snow suit! you don't get to pull that out much in austin!