Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello, My name is Brandy and I'm a bad bad blogger.

So yeah, It's been a while. Sorry guys. I hope to get more on the ball and have posts more often!
I also promise to not just read your blogs in my reader, but click on them so I can leave the comment I'm thinking the day I read them, not like 3 days later... :)

So Monday, Henrik and I invited our friends Christine, Audrey and the adorable Finn to the park for some fun and photographs. :)

Well of course being toddlers, they went in opposite directions at any given chance. We thought we should take them over to the porch and have snack time. Can you say Big Mistake?

Meltdown ensued over a bag of Craisins. Poor kids... It all turned out well in the end though, as always.

Happy-Go-Lucky to...

End of the world in 2 seconds.

We will try sharing the bag.

Ok Henrik you took too many. I want them back.



Really Mamma, I love them!

If you don't share, I'm telling my Mamma! See I'm pointing at her.


I just happened to have a coordinating hat ;)

I think Finn might have the best cheeks ever!


  1. too funny...but I love the location!! :) great spot for pretty pics!

  2. too cute! i love the location too! it looks like a tropical beach house or something.

  3. Oh my! I love those pictures! Henrik is too funny!

  4. OMG this series of photos is just too fab!!

  5. Crying Henrik = heart breaking adorableness. They're all great, Brandy, you captured a ton of personality there!

  6. hehe Looks like Henrik has been taking lessons from Mya on what to do when a camera comes out. ;)

  7. So cute! I love the "I want craisins" pics!!

  8. Those photos of Henrik are too cute! :)

    As for reading other peoples' blogs, google has a 'Next' link you can put in your bookmarks toolbar. You hit that link and it takes you to the actual blog page of the most recently published post in your reader. It's very cool.

    If you want to add it, go to your google reader page. In the top right, you can go to reader settings. Go to the 'Goodies' tab, and you'll see it. You can drag that 'Next' button into your toolbar. I never read from Reader anymore.