Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Audrey!

We've been bad at updating the blog lately. Oops.

On Sunday we all went to Audrey's birthday party. She turned 2. Her newborn little brother Finn got baptized that day too, so it was a combined party of the two events.

Henrik wasn't having that great a day. He woke up early and didn't nap very well, so he was in a cranky mood at the party, always trying to get into some sort of trouble and getting upset when we tried to redirect.

So, we didn't stay all that long. :( Here are a few snapshots from the party.

Her cake!

Birthday girl. :)

Henrik was checking out her bike. Can't wait to get him one and teach him how to ride in a few years!

Yeah, we had a lot of this that day...

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