Thursday, January 21, 2010

The manly stroller has arrived!

And what do you put in it? A Winnie the pooh bear of course!

Henrik has been absolutely obsessed with stroller the girls next door have. We searched high and low locally for one that isn't so... girly, but we come up short.

We finally decided to order one online. We found a nice dark blue and green plaid that is totally manly! While I love it, I have to ask what is up with the lack of non pink/purple strollers? I know Henrik isn't the only boy that loves to push a stroller.

So instead of being able to just pick up an el cheapo stroller we did have to spend 20+ dollars for one. A little bit unfair, but hey, he loves it. Just saying there is a double standard :p

Anyway, enjoy H and his new stroller!

The stroller from next door.

New Stroller!

Pushing his camera around and still wondering what's going on across the street.

Pooh Bear!

More bear and yes our Christmas cards are still up.

Cedar is high today, so we're stuck inside! He loves these blocks!


  1. Well, I am glad they at least have some out there...I've only seen pink/purple ones. He looks very manly pushing his pooh bear :)

  2. That is SO adorable! His future wife will be so impressed by those photos someday, you're training him well to be a stand-up husband/daddy someday!

  3. Soooo cute!!! I must see Henrik soon....and you guys too of course! :)

  4. love it- totally right there with ya! Alex needs one too! :) We will have to create a coalition or something!
    and the cedar is killing me too- stinks on such a pretty day! ugh

  5. so cute! he looks like such a little daddy already.

  6. love it!! especially the shots of him pushing around pooh! too cute!!

  7. Henrik I like your new stroller. Glad to see they make them in other colors besides pink and purple.