Sunday, January 10, 2010

Henrik's new camera!

For Christmas, we bought Henrik his own kid friendly digital camera. Henrik's friend Jack has one and he loves to play with it at his house, so we thought we'd get him one.

It's pretty nifty, has a two eye view finder so he can see through it easily and even takes video!
Of course we promptly misplaced the cables. Maybe I should say Henrik put the cables away. ;)

We found them and uploaded his pictures (and added a memory card so we don't have to 'find' the cables again.

So with out further ado, enjoy the vision that is Henrik! (some adult help may have been had on the steady shots)


  1. haha! we want to get annie one of these too. her friend caden has one and she loves playing with it. great shots henrik.

  2. Henrik, I think you have found your calling!!

  3. Photography must run in the family :)

  4. how cute! Maybe I should get Mya one too to help her like the camera more. ;)