Friday, March 19, 2010

Austin Zoo

As mentioned earlier, we went to the Zoo this afternoon. It was the last day that they were showing their new lion cubs! It was crazy busy when we got there around 3.30 but people had already started leaving. The cubs were only out until 4, but we got a look at them. Then we wandered around and looked at the large cats, some of the petting zoo and took a ride on their train.

All in all, a great visit even though it was a bit on the crowded side. :)

Plenty of pictures below...

Looking at the lion cubs :)

Here they are (it was hard to get a good photo)

Hanging out in the stroller heading to the next part. He's almost too big for this one by now...

More big cats, hanging out

This one is the father of the cubs. The mom and him weren't very happy to not have their little ones around. He was roaring some, and she was pacing nonstop...

Another one of the cat two pictures above..

Walking around a bit, near the deer

Food! Anyone hungry? Henrik was all about feeding the animals. Kept asking for more until we were all out (well, he poured out some on the ground at the end). He even tried to feed it to some of the chickens. :-)

Given the amount of visitors today, I'm surprised any of the animals still wanted food. I'm sure they're rarely as overfed as they got today. :-)

Henrik doing the things Henrik does best... Being a 2-year old. :)

More walking around :)

Final one, this one is on the train :-)


  1. i LOVE his little birthday shirt!! we still haven't been to the austin zoo, annie and i will have to check that out soon, it looks fun.

  2. Gotta love the zoo! Your pictures are really good.