Saturday, November 7, 2009

MOO [updated]

So Henrik doesn't talk much yet, but we've been trying to teach him a few of the animal sounds. He'll do what we (but probably noone else) recognizes as a "Woof", and he has a very cute "Moo" that sounds like "Boo".

So, he might seem serious in this photo but he's really just saying "Mooo" to the cow :)

Photo by Leann.

[The rest is by Brandy]

Our friends told us about a little fair in the parking lot of the Dell Diamond this morning, so we made plans to go by later in the afternoon.

It was pretty small, but lots of fun for the little ones. We went through a fun house that has sliding floors, shaking steps, spinning floors and more! The guy had to stop the shaking floor for Henrik to walk across it and the spinning exit too, but he smiled and it was still fun.

The kids liked the pink flying elephants, but Henrik spotted some flying balloons and after the train ride, we made Inara's dad take the kids on the balloons. He was squished but the kiddos LOVED it.

We took two spins on the horse carousel and they even won prizes! It was a lot of fun and we're looking forward to the Austin Fair on Thursday!

This morning we picked up bagels and Henrik LOVED the pumpkin one!

We went to Amy's Ice Cream's Anniversary earlier this week. Free ice cream!

Henrik likes to play with cars now! Vroom!

And he likes to drag my bag ;)


  1. cute pictures! where is the austin fair?

  2. You always know where all the fun stuff is! I love the picture of Henrik after eating ice cream...cute look on his face.