Saturday, May 23, 2009

Airplane and drums!

One of the perks of a traveling hubby is that occasionally we land in first class, today was one of those days. Here we are getting ready to board. I love my becco carrier. No stroller in the airport for us!

For breakfast we had a choice of omelette or pancakes. The omelette rocked! There was a fresh biscuit and fruit. Henrik was asleep, but once he woke up they brought him a bowl of fruit.

The flight attendants enjoyed playing with Henrik. He did all of his tricks including the I'm 1 point, clapping and high-5.

I did realize today, that the easy going, curl up together and go to sleep and wake up when you land days are over. He was curious about everything, the windows, the air blower the seat belt EVERYTHING! I'm getting ever so slightly worried about Sweden trip... :)

We met Olof in the airport, San Jose is pretty neat, you walk past ticketing to get to the baggage so you can nearly meet at the gate!

We had lunch at Olof's work and Henrik found the drum kit to rock band wii! He picked up the sticks and went to town.

Sorry for the picture quality, planes don't have the bet of lighting and Henrik was so not sitting still on the drums. Anyway we will try to keep in touch :)

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