Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Curious George and Water works.

Today Mama and I met up with her friend Mitra and went to lunch then the San Jose Children's Museum. I ate a chicken taco and some beans for lunch, and I totally impressed Mitra with my fork skills!

The museum had an exhibit with Curious George! Mama clicked a few pictures of the monkey and I. There were so many neat areas to play in, I never knew museums were fun! I think we will have to check out the Austin ones when we get home.

One section had steps just my size, and I could walk up them! I walked down the bumpy ramp side too. They even had railings my height! How cool is that?

There was a section where you can make your own pizza (play food). I tried to eat the broccoli and was seriously surprised that it was fake. They shouldn't do that to kids!
In the same area there was an old fashioned farm truck that I could get in and drive. I took to it like a duck to water! I even tried to beep the horn, but it didn't work.

We finished off in the water display. I sure did get wet! There were aprons, but I think the kids wearing those got even more wet than I did. Mama just brought me a change of clothes. I am a kid and I'm supposed to get dirty right? I was so wet, the camera had to be put away!


  1. How much fun!! When can we fly out to join you ;)

  2. better hurry, we come home tomorrow!