Monday, October 31, 2011


This year Henrik decided what he wanted to be. A Robot. Awesome!

I'm a killjoy so Olof's suggestion of making a Bender costume was vetoed. Instead, I had plans of an elaborate light up costume with movable parts! But uhm, he's 3 and that would weigh poor little guy down. So plan b, a kick butt glowing at night, but daytime super cute!

Here are a few shots of the fitting and then the painting.

We went to the Goblin Walk downtown in San Carlos and had a blast!

He met the cast of The Wizard Of Oz!

Almost there...

Today, there was a party at school complete with a parade and cupcakes!

He was licking the frosting off the box!


And glowing Henrik!!

So there you have it, our first Halloween in Belmont. I hope to become a regular blogger again :) Hope there are still a few readers out there!


  1. What an awesome costume!!! Looks great!!

  2. amazing costume!! he is so cute and you guys are so creative! yay blogging again!

  3. So, so creative!!! I love it, especially at night! Glad to see you guys back in the blogging world! Keep it going!