Monday, November 1, 2010


Uhm, long time no post! Wonder if anyone still has us on their readers? :)

I'll do an update tonight or tomorrow. As I was loading up pictures from last nights, we looked back over Henrik's 3 Halloweens and just had to share the cuteness with the world!

Henrik the monster and his buddy Rhett the Monkey! (7months)

Henrik the penguin (19months)

BamBam and Pebbles (Audrey) (2y 7m and 2y 10m)

I made the costumes!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween!


  1. ahhhh!! i'm so sad because this is the first time we haven't gotten to see henrik in his costume!
    (i'm so impressed you made them!! too cute!)

  2. Väldigt fina kostymer, du är jätteduktig
    Dom är så söta båda två
    Kram från Farfar och Farmor

  3. Love that Bam Bam costume!!! So cute!! Happy Halloween!

  4. LOVE the Bam Bam and Pebbles!! So cute!

  5. That is awesome you made the costumes...they are too cute!