Friday, August 20, 2010

Dinner and a movie with Audrey!

We've been busy not selling our house, but keeping it clean for the last month. This house not selling is really wearing on us, but on the bright side, Henrik is back to his old happy go lucky self.

I think Henrik just had his first chaperoned date!

After nap time Audrey and her mom and brother came over to spend the afternoon/ evening with us. We decided to bake cookies (from scratch), make pizzas and watch Wall-E.

So dinner + movie = date...

Baking with kids (while messy) is a ton of fun. The kids are pretty interested in creaming the butter and sugar in the giant mixer. While this is going on I combine the dry stuff so they can scoop it in the mixer. Henrik and Audrey were great helpers in the kitchen!

They added the flour perfectly and each got to dump a bag of goodies into the cookies. We ended up with chocolate chip, butterscotch and heath toffee cookies! Yum!

As the bazillion cookies were baking, they ran off to play and make a giant mess. It was wonderful. Henrik has been so timid to make a mess and it's just been the last two weeks he's loosened up. Today they pulled stuff out from top to bottom and the look of joy on his face was wonderful to see.

Next, we heated the pizza stone up and got the dough ready for them to top. Both kiddos tasted everything and either liked it or put is back on the plate. It was so fun to watch them pick and choose. They used pepperoni, fresh basil, black olives, pineapple and CHEESE glorious CHEESE!

We turned on the movie and brought them out their pizzas on predesignated plates. Audrey said she gets the very clean (cleaned by herself) pink plate and Henrik gets the blue plate. They were super cute eating pizza and watching the movie.

My heart was melting all over the place and then I looked at the photos we took during the afternoon and seriously... puddles of love all over the place.

Here is a link to the highlight reel from today. Make the browser window as large as you can before clicking on it, and enjoy. :-) You have to see Audrey's super cute little brother chomping on some pizza!

Click me Click me!


  1. Henrik blir väl en kock han ser väldigt
    koncentrerad ut.
    De är så söta tillsammans.

  2. super cute!! love the diaper and apron shot!

  3. Yay...a post!!! They are absolutely adorable! I love the make your own pizza idea!