Saturday, August 29, 2009

Butler Sprinkler Park

We met up with some friends yesterday for more sprinkler park fun. I love sprinkler parks. I don't know what we'd have done all summer without them!

This was a new one for us. I put in the name of the park into my phone and it sent me to the baseball fields! Should have been more specific :) There were giant mud puddles, but I wasn't quite that adventurous.

We got there pretty early 9:30ish. I know you are thinking, 9:30? to get soaking wet? Yeah, if you don't go out that early it's hotter than Hades down here. It was already almost 90 that early. We are 2 days off of the all time record of 69 days over 100 degrees here. Yes you read the correct. We have had 67 days over 100 degrees and summer isn't over here yet. (yuck)

So you can see why Henrik and I love to be in the water all the time. We might hit a new fun pool this weekend and next week we are planning a trip to another (new to us) sprinkler park.

Olof got back to Austin last night. We are so glad he's home! I love how Henrik's face lights up with he sees his papa. Olof is back out to California next week. He didn't like his hotel that much so we will skip the next trip, but hope to start flying with him again soon.

Traveling with Olof presents a few negatives which include boarding Nellie (but really, she loves) and planning activities for Henrik. Usually the price of what we sign up for isn't exorbitant and thus it is ok to miss a class here or there, but some of the ones I've been looking at this fall are much more than the others we've signed up for in the past. So I'll have to figure what we want to do.
Without further adieu my water loving little boy!

Playing nice with a new friend.

What more can I say...

I am Henrik! Hear me ROAR!

Nothing to see but us grass eaters!


I forgot to check if it was ok to put pics of our friends up. So I didn't :)


  1. I'm surprised the sprinkler park is still running...I thought stage 2 watering restrictions would have it shut down. I LOVE that sprinkler park! The pictures are all great!

  2. Aww, that looks SO fun! This heat is unbelievable, isn't it?

    I'm guessing you were in CP or RR? I want our sprinkler park back. :( Stupid Austin restrictions.

  3. Mandie, that is off of barton creek!
    I think most of the sprinkler parks recycle the water and that is why they are still open. I'm not 100% on that though.