Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sprinkler park (again)

Saturday night we went to dinner with Andy to Mandola's. Henrik loooves Gnocci with pesto sauce (so do mom and dad).

Afterwards we went over to the sprinkler park that is in that neighborhood. We were hoping Henrik would run around since he just started walking on his own, but he mostly sat and crawled. He had fun anyway, as seen in the pictures below. :-)

Color/light might be a little off, we had to temporarily pack up the iMac since we've sold the desk it was on. :-)

Just hangin' out

Where are you going, Henrik? Watch out for the water!

Close call!

Walking around a bit too

Sprinkler? More like rain!

Sprinklers make you sleeeeeepy!


  1. I wish Mya liked sprinkler parks like Henrik. Maybe one day. :) And don't worry, we don't check out your blog to see perfect pictures. :) We like to read to see what's going on over in RR. lol

  2. Sorry for the delete above. Posted from the wrong account.

    Anyway- these are all SUCH good shots! Love the last one. It's hard work being Henrik. ;)

  3. These pictures are so cute!! The one looks like he is being shot with a laser!

  4. which sprinkler park is this?? such cute fun pics!

  5. It's the one in the Triangle, where Lamar and Guadalupe meets near 51st street. There's a bunch of restaurants and apartments there.