Monday, August 24, 2009

Not so lazy Sunday

Yesterday we guys decided that mom needed a good sleep-in for once. So when Henrik woke up at the crisp and early hour of 6.30am, we hung around the house for a little bit waiting for it to get light. We had breakfast and played a bit.

A little before 8am we loaded up the bike trailer with Henrik, diaper bag, water bottles and camera.

We went out on the trail, seeing if we'd make it to the end this time. Last weekend we turned around before it ended, partly because I'm way out of shape, but also because we went later in the day and it was getting too warm for Henrik.

This time we made it all the way to 183. Turns out we were almost there when we turned around last week.

Here is a link to the approximate route we took.

It didn't take long for Henrik to fall asleep in the trailer. I was planning on taking a break when we turned around, but since he was passed out I decided to keep going. About halfway home he woke up and made it in no uncertain terms known that he was ready to get out and stretch his legs for a while.

So we stopped, he ate half a banana that was left from breakfast, and walked around a little. He stumbled and scratched up his chin, but it seems to be healing nicely.

After that it was just a short ride home and by the time we got there, Brandy was up. After a few minutes of winding down, we packed up the car and went to the Pflugerville pool, all three of us. It was a BLAST. Henrik absolutely loves the waterslide they have there. It's straight and wide and it's easy to hold him in your lap. He giggled every single time we reached the water, and it was just so much fun. (Sorry, we didn't bring a camera).

After that, we had lunch out together (Henrik barely woke up for it), then home. Henrik slept for a good 3 hours while Brandy went to the movies with a friend, and I did a few small projects around the house.

The day was finished with me mowing the yard, us having dinner and then a little TV followed by packing for this week. Yes, I am out in California again...

A few more pictures from the bike ride below.

"Put the camera away so we can go, dad!"

"Dude, we're still just sitting here, what's going on?"

Stretching our legs a bit.

Hanging out at home while mom's at the movies.


  1. sounds like a fun outing with dad! jeff and i are thinking about getting bikes and one of those trailer things. maybe for christmas.

  2. Alex is jealous of your ride Henrik! love the helmet shot! too cute!