Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The week thus far!

I'm already behind on blogging again!

So far this week has included a trip the the Austin Children's Museum, swimming at Cassie's neighborhood pool and invading an infant get together.

I had no idea my sweet little boy was so crazy! He was all over the place, but none of the Mama's were complaining and he only sat on one baby's hand so all in all it was a good day!

Today we were going to meet up at the baby wearing group, but Henrik had to see the pediatrician for some tummy trouble so we missed that and Kenzie's house.

Tomorrow we are meeting up for a concert. Hope Henrik will like it. He's pretty into music so I have high hopes!

Friday we are going back to YOGA in the morning and hope to head to Kristen and Emma's pool in the afternoon (note to self, check if that is still on).

Here are a few pictures from The wee so far.

Giant Lite-Brite at the Children's Museum

Henrik, Emma, Kenzie and Alex at the pool.
Seriously how is Henrik dwarfing everyone else?
Lessons in perspective!

Yo Yo Yo! Henrik & Jack in da haus!

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  1. Busy Bees!! I love the one of the kids at the pool...I'm going to steal it for my blog :)