Monday, August 31, 2009

Busy Monday!

What a day, I am drained! It started with Henrik and Jack playing at the museum today. It's Jack's last visit for a while, he's starting MDO next week. We are bummed but happy for him because we know he'll have a blast!

Jack going to MDO has put this Mama's bottom in gear to look for one for Henrik!

Henrik met up with Audrey at the museum too. They decided to walk together on the way back to the cars. Not only did they walk, but they held hands! It was too cute. We had a Mommy toddler chain going.

We decided to meet up at the sprinkler park after nap time and had a blast all afternoon.

We're going to see some friends out in Blanco tomorrow for lunch and fun. Henrik gets to play with Rhett, while I get to play with a set of twins that are nearly one month old. Can't wait!

Wednesday is full with a morning playgroup, then lunch and afternoon play date.

I'm not planning anything else for the rest of the week!

Jack and Henrik cold chillin'

Henrik and Audrey plotting.

Totally busted! Waiting for their parents to pick them up ;)

Cooling off in the afternoon!


Making a break for it!

Walking home from the park on Saturday with Pappa.

Pantless reading!


  1. h- i also like to hang out without pants. youre a smart man.

  2. Pantless reading? hilarious! I forgot all about the museum! I have to go back soon!