Friday, June 11, 2010

No posts, what's going on? Lots!

We've been very very bad at blogging lately. Most people we know already know why but I figured we would update here anyway.

First things first... When I left IBM for a silicon valley startup 4.5 years ago, we agreed that I would travel for a while but we would eventually move out there. Things ended up dragging along though, and circumstances were never right. They still aren't ideal but we've decided that they probably won't get better if we wait either.

I started a new job back a couple of months ago, with a larger company out in California. They want us to move out there, and we've decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

This means we've been CRAAAZY busy. We're working with a realtor, we've been working on getting the house ready for sale (it should be on the market in about 2 weeks), and on top of that I of course have a new job with all that it entails.

Most of our friends who follow our blog are these days friends with us on facebook, and the regular trickle of updates from our life (and Henrik's) gets posted there, which has also meant we've been less active on posting here.

It will be really hard to leave Austin. I have personally grown tired of the heat and a few other aspects of living here, but we've made some really good friends here over the years and it will not be easy to leave. We will definitely have to come back to visit every now and then. :-)

So, we'll try to keep the blog updated, but there's a good chance we'll be bad at it in the upcoming weeks.

-Olof (and Brandy and Henrik too)


  1. good luck with all the house stuff! i know that can be so stressful.
    We are so sad you guys are moving, but excited for new things for you in CA!

  2. Good luck with the move. It's going to be great!! Brandy is so California mom already anyways. ;) Can't wait to read up more on this new chapter in your lives, so you had better keep the blog updated! lol

  3. I'm still so sad that you guys are leaving!! But I guess that means I have even more reasons to come visit California now!!

    Best of luck getting things ready for the big sale/move!!

  4. We will miss you all!! I hope everything goes well with the move.

  5. So exciting for you guys but sad for us! We will miss you guys! Good luck getting the house ready and we'll be hoping it sells quick for you :)