Wednesday, December 10, 2008

bananas, pears and doggy

Henrik has taken to feeding himself. I tried giving him 1/4 of a banana and he loved it! We've gone from hating cereal (and who can blame him that stuff is not yummi!) to feeding himself.

Dinner included pears (which he loves). I decided to dice them, but made them too small and he was frustrated and making all sorta of weird noises so I cut up some more into pear sticks and he was much happier. Dinner included cheese, pears and mashed potatoes. Check out how messy he got! And yes, Nellie was happy for what fell off of him when I got him our of the chair.

After dinner, he likes to enjoy some time fireside, curled up with Nellie his soon to be trusty buddy. I'm hoping he'll start to crawl after her.

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  1. wahooo! a henrik blog! just what we've all been waiting for!!